Hilariously Sarcastic Vintage Pics


Anne Taintor is an artist that is responsible for these snarky vintage illustrations that will surely make you laugh if you have a slightly wicked sense of humor. So, scroll down and feed your sarcastic soul.


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  1. Oh snap, I could make political jokes left to right off these. I guess that makes me a nazi in the current political spectrum.

  2. Unacceptable!
    * I only see attractive white women
    * There is the implication that the man lives at home and that this is an atomic family
    * She wears nice clothes when people are starving in Mao’s china
    * She has fancy appliances, disrespecting the Soviet revolutions around the world
    * She is copping an attitude demonstrating she has not had the required Mohammedan mutilation and features not Mohammedan values.

    Terrible, simply terrible.

  3. I luff zees kind of larfing! I luff it!

  4. Pistal666 June 2, 2018

    Will the Bitter Left wing Old Woman that is posting this shite ask her kids for some different ideas please.

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