Cats Who Just Found Out You Took Them To The Vet



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  1. The first cat looks like a tribble!

    • The Lone Wonderer February 7, 2017

      True, but let it be the one that Kirk got romantic with :)

    I believe you have inadvertantly mis-titled these cute & funny photos…
    …perhaps it should read:
    Leftists Who Just Found Out Trump Won The Presidency.

    • The Lone Wonderer February 7, 2017

      Dear ” Kauf Buch”
      Instead of anything you type
      …perhaps it should read:
      Not everything is about Trump.

    • Dear “TLW”,
      you need to go eat sh*t and D*E.
      Have fun filling in the EYES!!!

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob February 8, 2017

    Them cats act like some kids and even grown ups going to the doctor. Now, Joe Bob is all brave and big talk until he walks in the door of the the Doc’s office.

    • Don’t touch none of them sticky 3 year old magazines and sit as far away from everybody in the waiting room as ya can. Wash your hands off with benzene or carbolic acid when ya git home. Watch out fer them pills the doc try to gives ya, specially them free samples.

  4. Cats > politics.
    Did I do that right? Where’s catman?

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