Before And After Photos of Being Called a Good Boy



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  1. Looks about right

  2. Goober the not Funny April 16, 2018

    Cats = Ungrateful Bastards

    • TummyTiddly April 16, 2018


    • It’s a matter of taste. I prefer a furry companion who isn’t a sycophantic toady who lives for my approval. Others prefer a yes-dog.

    • Rightist fascist dog owners | leftist freedom-loving cat owners. It’s an old known fact. Hitler had… a dog. What else.

  3. Cockatoos don’t care either way, their life is torment:

  4. I have 8 cats and a ferret. I named them all Barack so when I come home and call out for Barack I get some attention. I don’t.

  5. Dogs always look stupid = Fact

    Cats > Dogs

  6. Human: “Good Boy”
    Cat: “**** You”


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