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  1. Why the obsession with sanitary pads?

    • What will they do when it’s that time of the month and they’ve used up all their sanitary pads on other things? Also, I totally thought the woman was holding the batteries in her crotch for the remote tip.

    • That was the topic of the article: different uses for sanitary napkins or some such. This post just included lots of tips from that specific article.

  2. Why would I want to constantly be reminded of sanitary pads??

    • Must be a British thing…

    • @Lolfosor April 1, 2014

      Nu-Uh… I’m British and I think sanitary pads shouldn’t be used that much 0.o.. This is the reason there are towels/Other better alternatives that that..

  3. Hmmm… the most important thing I got out of this is there’s (hopefully only) two girls walking around somewhere in Europe strapped head to toe in crazy maxi pad body amour, with extra maxi pads in holsters to take care of every other everyday problem (and are getting 60 euros a pop for every idea!!!!)…
    “Trouble hailing a cab? Wave a maxi pad at them! their white luminescence will certainly be more noticeable than your measly mortal appendages, and it lets everyone else competing for a cab know you’re on your period and are not to be messed with!”
    “Run out of bread for your sandwiches? slap that meat and cheese between two maxi pads! Use used ones for that extra Cajun zest!”
    “No paper to write that love letter to your crush, paint a masterpiece, or fill out your final will? Take it down on a maxi pad! No threat of the reader getting a papercut, and it ensures that even if what you write on it is utter rubbish, it can at least still be useful to someone!”
    “Significant other dump you? send em to the fiery pits of hell where they belong with maxi pads! The tight thread count makes for poor oxygen circulation, and the absorbency helps for any clean up afterwards!”
    There, that’s got to be at least 240 Euros I just earned right there

    • Better than the OP. Classic.

    • Mr S Cammer December 7, 2014

      Its the UK so it’s £ sterling, not € Euro. Please supply name and bank details and we will arrange transfer of funds immediately!

    • Missy - Dallas April 22, 2019

      @Dev that is hilarious!

  4. How about maxis as post it notes

  5. The Menace At Hand May 30, 2016

    And the Brits think we Americans are weird? Sheesh…

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