Did You Know That 1 Out Of Every 3 People Are Ugly?



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  1. Modern version of this joke; “One of three persons is not LBQTIGQQABBDKEKKLWLLEOWJIIJRJJFHG, and therefore a nazi, so it’s fine to punch him/her/zir/zet/zit/etc.”.

  2. Not a dog May 29, 2018

    Since when are dogs considered to be people?

  3. The Lone Wonderer May 29, 2018

    Shouldn’t it be “Did You Know That 1 Out Of Every 3 People Is Ugly?” as the “is ugly” refers to the 1.

    • That would be the same as saying 33% of people is ugly.

    • Hey Snap, you could also say it’s 1/3 of people are ugly. I’m not sure which 1/3 of a person it would be – maybe the face, or backsides, or disproportioned body shape, or…

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