Typical Canadians


Did you know that you can become a Canadian instantly?


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  1. Australians are like this except there is lots more swearing and instead of snow and ice there is venomous things.

  2. I thought I saw this already but there was so much more :)

    • EatLiver Addict December 21, 2014

      Brob… you seem unhappy in the comments you’ve left. Come to Canada, we’ll like you and cheer you up, eh?

    • I guess it probably shows in how happy I am over this post. I’m already here though… at least I’m probably polite enough to be Canadian if not happy enough. Many thanks for the invitation.

  3. Lil' Stevie Wetmore` December 21, 2014

    We at Canadian Tire detect a little disappointment in your replies to Eatliver. Come by the store, we’ll fix ya up with something for Christmas, eh?

  4. Hey, “Canadian Beach” has been circulating as “Swiss Lake” for years.

  5. The Canadian Beach is actually Geneva, Switzerland

  6. Comrade Uberdouche December 21, 2014

    Note to self:
    Get a Canadian girlfriend.

  7. Calipso Louie December 25, 2014

    Were are all the black people at?

  8. Isn’t the ice shore pic from Chicago great lake picture taken a few years ago?

  9. It's a jeep thing.... January 5, 2015

    Not a Canadian parking thing!

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