Truth About Vegetarians



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  1. I’m not a vegetarian but the best vegetarian I’ve had is Indian curry stuff. Curried potatoes or lentil dhal are quite nice. Finding all the ingredients to make proper curry can be a pain though :( Like where do you even find asafoeteda.

    • Mr. Perspective November 14, 2014

      Amazon carries it, so does the That is of course if you can’t find it at your local market.

  2. I must know the wrong vegetarians then.

  3. Thanksgiving November 15, 2014

    Bring on the tofurkey!

  4. Ah, humankind’s greatest virtue: overgeneralizing.

    • You must be one of those liberals/conservatives!
      I wouldn’t know. All you Americans look and sound the same to me.
      Now excuse me as I hide behind European indecision.

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