Someone is Photoshopping Images of Trump Wearing Really Long Ties


Remember when last year people were pointing out how long Trump’s ties looked in photos? Now a this Twitter account is having some fun with that idea.


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  1. Yeah take that!!! That’ll learn ’em!!!

    • Harmless fun of a dangerous man.

    • NEWSFLASH April 7, 2017

      Not just dangerous anymore. Trump provoked a terrorist attack in Sweden. The one he always wanted.

    • @NEWSFLASH a libtard apologist here

  2. Bob the Builder April 6, 2017

    Take aways;
    * It looks like a metaphor for something else.
    * I am reminded of the Species movies.
    * I didn’t realize Kanye West was so short.

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob April 7, 2017

    Bubba is and doin’ better and laffin’ at Eatliver. He’s wondering where he can git one or two of them ties for hisself. He thinks they’d go gud with his overalls – the one’s he wears to church.

    • The one has he wears to church or the one is he wears to church?

  4. Habber Dasher April 7, 2017

    Just look at the high water pants the Governor of New Jersey is wearing. Maybe that’s just in case he gets in too deep with the Pres.

    • Salzigtal April 7, 2017

      It’s simple physics: for every inch the waistband is displaced out on the x&y-axes, the hem is displaced up an inch on the z-axis. Unless you add more fabric.

  5. STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen

  6. Obviously someone with too much knowledge of Photoshop, too much time on their hands, and a serious lack of creativity.

    • I think the choice of places he put the ties is very creative. You on the other hand are just jealous. You lack both skills and creativity. Plus mostly lickely any humour.

    • Likely*

  7. I am not sure if his tie is too long. Otherwise, I know it is not too tight.

  8. Kanye don’t wear no tie!
    That’s a whyat-man con-struct!

  9. Someone should Lady and the Tramp…Lady and the Trump his tie. Have him and whoever is in the picture with him wearing two ends of the same tie.

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