Wanna Hear a Joke?


Wanna hear a joke?


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    • Have you still not figured out that Trump is a total nutter, a pathological liar, a fraud, a conman, a narcissist, completely out of touch with reality, dumb as a rock, and completely pre-occupied with inflating his ego? Or must one conclude that you are none the wiser?

    • I’m not an American. Pick one or offer me a 4-th option:
      1. Trump is an evil Nazi, biggot, misogynist – the media is correct about him. And half of the country is blind or outright evil.
      2. Trump is an evil Nazi, biggot, misogynist – the media is correct about him. And the Democrats are worse.
      3. Trump is not an evil Nazi, biggot, misogynist. The media are whipping the country into mass hysteria but half of the country is immune, because of distrust of the media.

      From my personal experience with American teachers, coworkers and friends, I tend towards option 3. From what my coworkers and friends immigrants in America tell me, I tend towards 3 again. And knowing our corrupt, pompous, incompetent, lazy, self-obsessed, sensationalist, clueless, USELESS media… Yeah, I’m sticking with 3.

    • Option 1 is closest to thr truth.

    • Trump 2020 indeed :+1: His average press coverage is higher than the coverage of Obamas inauguration was. Also far left is alienating democrats to vote for him. GG everyone.

    • I pick 4. Americans are stupid and got the criminal idiot pervert they deserve.

    • @Jack It’s so refreshing to hear an opinion based on actual observation instead of spewing rhetoric handed down by one news agency or another. I have been guessing that this was the case with those in foreign countries, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

    • Johnny Foreigner August 23, 2019

      Sorry to disappoint you, BigR, but nobody outside the USA is taking Trump seriously. We look on in amazement how the USA elected an idiot, and how 40% still believes he is “the chosen one” and “the King of Jews.” So sad.

    • *all* politicians are the same, trump is just worse at hiding it than some.

    • Most politicians are sane, even if I don’t agree with their ideas. But this potus is insane, even if you agree with his ideas.

    • 1 of course. Unfortunately Americans have a habit of electing lowlife women abusers or plain morons like Bush.

    • sane and corrupt are two very different things. many are sane. all are sleezebags. you dont rise to the national level otherwise. that goes for here and abroad.

    • Few western politicians are as corruptable as Trump is: he did not distance himself from his company, refuses to reveal his financial status, and surrounds himself with equally affected persons. Trump is not “worse at hiding” (he is actually trying to block any and all background investigations), but he is worse at committing dubious actions and crimes. Calling him a politician is misleading, he is a conman in whatever he does.

    • You know why Trump doesn’t wear glasses? Because he already has 2020.

    • He does not wear glasses because he is very vain. And because he does not want to see the truth: him being a total failure at everything he does.

  1. This lady looks like old Miley Cyrus.

    • She has to be flat and have a long tongue. But the chancellor does resemble her.

    • This lady has more balls than the entire republican party, by telling Trump the truth. And now the spoiler brad is crying and calls off a visit to Denmark.

    • German Machine Gun August 23, 2019

      Pretty sure the Danes are glad. Skål.

    • i thought she looks like the maid from the brady bunch. he looks like an oompa loompa.

    • He loves “champagne”. Pretty sure he loves “chocolate” too.

  2. The chicoms love to dump rocks on sand bars to have an airstrip. We can mock Xi with our new huge island while at the same time defend against those hostile Canadians.

  3. It the Greenlanders want independence from Denmark, the Danish people will say OK. Of course, Denmark is not China or Russia to keep people by force.

    If the Greenlanders want to join Canada, USA, Norway or any other country, and that country wants Greenland, the union will happen. So what do the people of Greenland want? Everyone else, including that smug bitch, shut up your pie holes.

    • You forget that everyone else also includes Mr. Orange. FYI, the prime minister of Greenland has already expressed that they are not interested.

    • Even half of the US wants to leave the US.

    • leif erikson August 23, 2019

      it’s a trap… the green island is Iceland! 🤣

    • Exit, nearly half the US claim they want to leave the US after every election they do not win but they never follow through. They are called liberals.

    • They are called heroes. Because they stand their ground. It’s their land, not yours.

    • True, anonymous. Trump’s voters betrayed American values. What once was a beacon of freedom and tolerance is now a sh*thole.

  4. My Name Is Not Giovanni. August 23, 2019

    Maybe he should go on and buy Slovenia instead. Then his wife can reign as Empress Melanija I.

    I am sure it will please her.

  5. Mr. Bojangles August 23, 2019

    You’ll never will? Nobody?

  6. Freiherr von Elmsdorf August 23, 2019


  7. A very brave woman being any where near that woman molester. Wonder if Ivanka gets jealous

  8. That little grammatical error doesn’t make her seem too bright either.

  9. Must be that new live action Lady and the Trump… 🐕🐩

  10. That’s the Netherlands and Belgium. Another failed student of the crippled american education system.

  11. She reminds me of Kathy Griffen, hideous and not funny.

  12. Trump is totally crazy, warmonger and ignorant as all Americans…

  13. Didn't Europe REPEL the Muslims in the Crusades? September 14, 2019

    Wanna hear a joke? Scandinavia ‘in toto’ has ALLOWED the Muslim invasion – how’s that working out for you? Enjoying the gang-raping, pillaging & complete no-go zones like Malmo? Europe is in flames and you’re laughing at the BEST president this country has ever seen.

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