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  1. Oh, the IGNORANCE of the Left!
    Trump is a BUILDER…he knows the construction trades.
    She knows international bribery, terrorism and domestic murder…personally.
    (…can’t *wait* for the Leftist drivel to show up with their juvenile spitballs!)

    • He’s no builder. He just pays people with the knowlege and ability to build things. He has even people to manage the payment. He knows nothing about real work at all.
      I wouldn’t wonder if he actually has someone to clean his butt after taking a dump.

    • Neurologist January 6, 2017

      Ah, Kauf Buch… you poor naive bastard…

    • Is that why three of his contractors are suing him for his refusal to pay for the millions of dollars of work they completed for him?

    • just being sued for millions by 3 companies who just finished work on his last hotel….

      of limp-wristed Europeans
      whining in their dhimmi drinks
      wishing they had real political leadership
      in their own countries….

    • Cyril Fotheringay-Phipps January 7, 2017

      @Handwerker: Of course Trump has a “Groom of the Stool”. I bet that Kauf Buch would love to be in that position, and he really is well suited for that job, or what?

    • Neurologist January 7, 2017

      @ Kauf Buch:
      Smelling strange things that don’t exist is called »olfactory hallucination« or more commonly »phantosmia«.
      Main causes of phantosmia are stroke, serious head injury, brain tumor or neuroblastoma. I would suggest you to visit your GP as soon as possible.

    • lol, because no contractor in history has ever done a lousy job then gotten mad when they weren’t paid.

    • The Good German January 7, 2017

      I hope for head injury. No one should be born so… that way like Kauf Buch. It’s too cruel. Nature is cruel.

    • I’m not European and 1) I can’t believe the US voted in such a moron as Trump (but considering Hillary is so establishment she’s like the dry toast you eat when you can’t be bothered doing anything for breakfast…)
      2) I dread when he gets into office and not only screws the US but starts screwing the rest of the world (nuclear proliferation for all!… *shudder*)
      3) Not sure how Russia annexing the US will trun out, but if Trump gets a second term am not looking forward to it.

    • Neurologist January 8, 2017

      @TheGoodGerman: Yes, I too hope that his condition is not congenital or even hereditary.

    • “He just pays people with the knowlege and ability to build things” – actually his business model is trying to screw them out of the payment.

    • That’s true. If I have had the time for a longer post I would have mentioned that too. Some people killed themselves after Trump ruined their finances.

  2. Trump is actually quite aware of those less fortunate. Read up on Annabel Hill and how Trump help save her farm. Or, read Art of the Deal and how he gets frustrated that well off people are paying next to nothing in rent restricted housing because of nepotism. (Instead of those places going to people who need an actual break in rent.)

    • I have read a lot of amazing things he has done for people. He used his private jet to help transport a child with medical issues. The airline wouldn’t make accommodations. Another one my husband told me about a mechanic who fixed his limo on the side of the road, he wouldn’t take money so Trump instead paid off his mortgage. There are quite a few of these. Either one in not from a middle class regular American family.

    • Truthhunter January 6, 2017

      Make fake stories great again

    • Yeah this makes up for the millions he stole and the countless small companies run by the same less fortunate he put out of business because they slighted him or he took offence to something.
      I feel sorry for America, that you had to choose between the two of them multi millionaires you’re screwed which ever way you vote.
      The main thing I can’t believe is how many people fall for all the bullshit like giving away what they would consider pocket change….look great in the press and seems to work as people lap it up. You need to remember they are both part of the 1% and will always do whats best for THEIR pocket and not the peoples.

  3. Brah
    So true
    Sooo true

  4. I voted for him because I don’t want to be on the same side as the social justice warriors.

    • So you became a fool.

    • So you joined the side of the massive corporations looking to get more money from you. Good plan.

    • TheKingOfProvo January 17, 2017

      Big Business is 800 lb SJW Gorrila in the room. Trump ran as the anti establishment candidate after almost 30 years of Rothchild/NWO Globalist politicians screwing up America. He couldn’t lose.

  5. Pant suit on fire January 7, 2017

    The Empress Dowager from Chappaqua hasn’t driven a car in over 30 years. She even said she doesn’t like ordinary Americans. Half of us are in a basket of deplorables. Hmm, wonder why Trump won.

    • PatronasKitty7 January 7, 2017

      Are you so ignorant that you don’t know that Hillary won the popular vote? Geez

    • Trump has his own crooked woman now, Monica Crowley.

    • Pant suit on fire January 8, 2017

      @Kitty – Hillary only won the popular vote in 2 states; the presidential election is held in 50 states (57 if you’re 0bama).

  6. jimmy rustled January 8, 2017

    hillary lost…get over it and move on…nothing get accomplished by calling each other names…we are all still Americans and have to live and work together…it is a shame people have to resort to name calling
    and no I did not vote for trump

    • Soon you all will be russians. Your president is a russian agent.
      Guess who really won the cold war in the end.

    • Unfortunately when a racist, sexist, money hungry “loophole criminal” business man is voted to be the next “most powerful person in the world” it will bring the people who have been keeping there heads down out of the wood work as this behavior is now seen as acceptable and will filter down to schools very soon. Bring on the next generation!

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