Sad Pope Meets Trump, Internet Takes Over


This hilariously awkward photo was taken during Trump’s recent visit to The Vatican, and while Trump is clearly having a blast, the poor Pope looks terribly depressed:

It didn’t take long for the internet to start generating memes:


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  1. McViticus May 26, 2017

    If I was the earthly representative of a magic bloke in a cloud a d I’d spent my entire life in a delusion…and now my main job is selling that same delusion to millions of people who now have access to the internet…
    …I’d be looking sheepish too!

  2. Travis Patten May 26, 2017

    Is it just me or does Melania look like a bitter version of Nanny McPhee?

    • It’s just you.

    • She looks like she’s shrinking since he is president. I guess with all of his narcissist stress he is not treating her well. They say there is not one women in the White House that hasn’t been grabbed since.

  3. With her long neck and weird head Ivanka looks like an alien.

    • A very attractive alien.

    • Alien Hunter May 27, 2017

      Well, not really. Except Fox ordered you to find her attractive. Dat is right. She does look like one of those aliens from Close Encounters…

  4. Kauf Buch May 26, 2017

    That moment when, even if you’ve been selected to serve as Pope, you realize your marxist upbringing will never match the power of either A) true Catholic faith, or B) true American optimism.
    SAD. Sad Pope. SO sad.

    • This rectum-hurt Kauf is fake – insufficient caps and punctuation.

    • Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

      “cafcaf”: a pus-filled, rectal excretion resulting from terminal Leftist chanting.

  5. The pope isn’t smiling because he knows he’s not getting any money from this guy. But put him inside of a bulletproof’d car driving through a crowd of devoted catholic shee… followers, and the sales pitch smile kicks in automatically.

    • Buck Ofama May 27, 2017

      An improvement over the last pResident and family

    • Last time you told us he was a muslim. Now he was giving money to the pope?
      You right winged morons should check your alternate facts from time to time.

    • Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

      Dat, good luck on improving your English comprehension.
      Someday, you might even overcome your Leftist Hate addiction.

    • As english isn’t my mother tongue, who cares? And the only one spreading hate is you. Everyone here knows that.
      But who knows. Maybe you are the love child of Trump and the kitchen help. So it’s in your genes. Like your small penis and hands.

    • The Good German May 27, 2017

      Are you making up the responses to you own posting by fake accounts, Kauf Buch?

    • LOL So many letters. No wonder he gets confused. But I agree with that penile part.

  6. Trump is happy because he is President. Pope is sad because he voted for Hillary- mail in.

    • He can’t. He’s head of state himself and can’t vote in american elections, moron.

    • @Dom.
      You’re so stupid that you can’t even recognize a joke. Dim wit.

    • It’s one of Kauf Buch’s fake accounts. What did you expect? LOL

  7. Katy Perry's Coyote May 27, 2017

    Mr Papist, tear down that Vatican wall!

  8. American In Vienna May 27, 2017

    I’m beginning to suspect that Kauf Buch is actually Donald Trump.

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