Trump-Putin Connection Proved!



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  1. I knew it!!!

  2. Its so clear to me now and also so obvious – just like the forecast for 2017 is connected to the Hitler’s nipples.

  3. German Machine Gun April 1, 2017

    If you feel this to be true then it is a fact. They made those rules themselves. Also fact.

  4. Bob DeBuilder April 1, 2017

    One’s name contains the word rump, while the other’s is pronounced pootin’. It’s obvious they’re working together with Mr. Bean towards world conquest…

    • Defund Big Bird, (not the one in NYC) April 1, 2017

      When I had young children I would often incorporate children show protagonists into conspiracies.
      The worse conspirators were Barney the Dinosaur, Dora The Explorer, and Sponge Bob. In hell they will surround you and sing their goofy songs while they poke you with a trident.
      I would make up memes where there was a murder suicide where all these characters killed them selves off. I started to identify with Hacker….
      Just when I thought the horror couldn’t get any worse they got a little older and started listing to Justin Bibier….ahhck

  5. FancyBear April 1, 2017

    Ha ha, you Americans make funny joke about how there is nothing to fear from your Russian friends.

    • Uncle Sam April 2, 2017

      Ha ha, American nukes will turn your motherland into a winter wonderland, comrade. Stock up on supplies now while you still can.

    • Aunt Samantha April 2, 2017

      In mother Russia you nuke the bomb

  6. It all makes sense now…

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