Here’s My Long-Form Birth Certificate…

9 thoughts on “Here’s My Long-Form Birth Certificate…”

  1. The facial expressions say it all.

  2. Zero’s BC was a blatant forgery. Look at the serial number, it’s been altered.

  3. Lol, liberals actually believe this twaddle.

  4. Plus the document the White house produced was a computer generated document instead of the original or a photocopy of the original.

  5. The face of a bitter old man. With rather red skin, too.

  6. Wasn’t DNC the one hacked?
    Don’t think they believed that fast when Russia told they didn’t hack DNC’s servers.

  7. Shhh, you might offend a snowflake. They don’t take too well to facts.

  8. He’s no man. He’s a reptile covered with synthetic human skin.

  9. Putin has the upper hand. Trump is his pussy.

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