The Funniest Protest Signs From Donald Trump’s Visit To The UK



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  2. Soros' puppet July 14, 2018

    But Trump is racist, mysoginist and a bad person, right? Because that’s what BBC told me.

    • Well, read his tweets. Pussygrabber Trump says it all himself. You’ll need no Soros.

    • Soros' puppet July 14, 2018

      I tried but can’t find a racist tweet from him. Can you help me and reply one here?

    • This fact finding seems to be challenge to you. Let me help you.

    • AvuncularBear July 14, 2018

      Google s*hole countries.

    • Copy Paste
      “Trump racist tweets”
      “Trump misogynistic tweets”
      into Google. It’s quite easy. For most… Oh oh, no. … He clicked on Breitbart again. Hopeless.

    • Soros' puppet July 14, 2018

      In resume, you’re unable to paste any racist tweet from Trump here. Then in order to not come empty handed, you tell I can google for “Trump racist tweet”. I know I can. I can google whatever I want and not go to jail (US is not UK yet).
      The odd fact is he became racist the moment he ran against liberals in politics. Before that he was receiving a recognition award from black people for hiring many minorities in his business.

    • “[…] he became racist the moment he ran against liberals in politics”. So you admit he IS racist. Perfect. Thank you. I rest my case.

    • I cannot speak for @Soros’ puppet, but what I *think* he means is that the political spectrum shifted so that anything right of the far left view of racism became considered racist at that point in time. And not the naive interpretation that you had @Dat.

    • Soros' puppet July 15, 2018

      @Oh Snap is correct on his/her (never their) assumption.
      @Dat sorry if you can’t understand sarcasm. The left considered him racist only when he ran against liberals in politics. He’s got not a single racist tweet. All you have is people saying he is racist when you google what you proposed. In fact he is quite proud of current lowest ever black and Latino unemployment rate and he brags about that quite often. If you follow closer what’s happening right now in the USA you’ll see the black and Hispanic support for Trump is in its highest point ever.
      And if you google a bit more, you’ll see rappers used to praise him in the past when he bought some golf courses and ended the “unofficial” white only policy, allowing (rich) blacks and Jews join the club. You’ll also find he received an award (forgot now who was the black gentleman) due to hiring many local minorities in his business.

    • “He’s got not a single racist tweet.” Easy if you delete them after they got their maximum spread. LOL

    • You don’t need BBC to tell you what to think about Trump. Trump, his words, and his actions are out in the open for all to see!

    • Soros' puppet July 16, 2018

      @T all Trump tweets are preserved by US government because they considered them official communication channel.
      @Jessica an yet you’re unable to paste one example here

    • His first time in print he was there because he was being investigated for not letting any people of color reside in his buildings. He’s been a full-on racist for a VERY long time.

  3. Richard Rejmer July 14, 2018

    Pic number 1. . Is that Tony Robinson?

    • Timetraveller July 14, 2018

      No, the Robinsons are lost in space.

    • I just asked that below 2 weeks late. I would almost guarantee it is.

  4. Another example why the Brexit is bullsh*t. The UK should remain. We belong together.

    • Questioner July 14, 2018

      Aren’t you the guys who started 2 world wars only in the last century?

    • It became world wars when the US joined in. So, basicly you started both world wars. As you did start several star wars. The US love wars as long as they don’t happen on their own soil. You can’t live without it.

    • Questioner July 14, 2018

      Damn, someone missed a lot of history classes. In both WW some European colonies around the world were being attacked by other European colonies and/or European allies (like Japan). USA joined WWII when Japan (a non European country) attacked American soil.
      In WWI the main conflict happened in middle east and North of Africa too.
      Both WW were started by Europe.

    • Adolf Bonaparte Augustus July 14, 2018

      Even though they voted for it they don’t know what’s best for them.

    • Wow, Questioner. You totally missed the point. Now everyone is watching at you as you stalled the whole conversation. You must be a real hoot on parties.

  5. Wasn’t aware that brits are such massive bullies.

    • Questioner July 14, 2018

      That’s an exceptional case. Usually they go to jail if they say something different than what their government approves.

    • Fighting a bully actually is not bullying. It’s late upbringing. As most Americans Trump has quite deficiencies there. Like you… “two”.

    • “Fighting a bully actually is not bullying.”.

      Then why is this elegant and mature British behaviour not implemented in elementary schools everywhere to stop bullying? Whenever a bully is caught, make a giant caricature balloon of her in diapers and have the rest of the pupils create bully-fighting signs of her.

    • Trump is special. He doesn’t get tired to mention that himself. Such a titan of organized cri… diplomacy needs special treatment.

    • Questioner July 14, 2018

      Got it. So the guy streaming the court day of a gang raping case, without any comments dueing the stream, was bullying someone. Now it all makes sense. Thanks.

  6. East European July 14, 2018

    I admit, some of the signs were funny and original.

    However, barely 1500 out of 7 million in the city? 80% SJW women and a few pussyfied men. The protest was a joke. Anti-Trumpers, you won no one to your side. People who are sharing and liking on the Net are already on your side. The rest of us are laughing our asses off.

    • West European July 14, 2018

      Fine by us! We know we are the majority on OUR side of Europe. You can stay in “East Europe” and rot under the “loving touch” of Putin.

    • East European July 14, 2018

      While you believe that you are a majority, you will continue to lose. While you don’t listen to the concerns of the “minority”, you will continue to lose. While you blame Putin for things not going your way, you will continue to lose. The last 3 years have been a living proof that you don’t understand what is going on. Please continue to double down and lose.

    • The last 3 years showed how effective russian secret service still is. Same old methods, transferred to the 21st century. Many people, East and West, are too young to know them and fall for them. Western agencies failed to adapt to the modern world of digital data and social media. Putin is taking full advantage of it destabilizing the western democracies. I doubt he has a master plan. But as long as he can weaken the West there are chances for Russia.

    • East European July 16, 2018

      “Effective secret service” is an oxymoron. Secret services around the world are a bunch of incompetent, lazy, corrupt imbeciles, who’s main goal is securing their budgets. Typical moronic government institutions but with NO public oversight whatsoever. Useless parasites.

      Of course the American spooks are drumming up “Ze Russians did it”. Of course the Russian spooks are exaggerating the American and other western “threats”. The public needs to be convinces that it’s a dangerous world out there and only the honorable patriotic Three-Letter-Agencies stay in the way of the diabolical enemy. Horseshit.

      Oh, and why are you giving Putin billions of euros for gas and oil? Starve him of currency. There are many, MANY other sources of oil and gas. The fracking revolution made it possible for countries to be energy independent, if they want to. Also, alternative sources of energy exist, green, not-so-green, nuclear… Russian exports are primarily oil and gas – Putin is little more than Gasprom’s CEO. If you are scared of him, stop doing business with that asshole.

  7. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut July 14, 2018

    Added the magnificent “wankmaggot” to my vocabulary. It replaced “nincoompub” as my favorite English insult. Thank you unknow English women!

  8. UK voted for Brexit 52% to 48%. Now Parliament doesn’t want give it to them. Politicians know what’s best for you. England wanted their version of a wall too. Europe has committed suicide, bashing Trump just gives them a chance to vent and ignore their own problems

    • Actually they voted for the Brexit that was promised them. A Brexit that could never exist. The votes were based on intended fake numbers and false information. And lots of alcohol and fun votes.
      After the vote the Brexiteers, like this clownish Farage, crawled away in terror facing their trollings’ success but still have no problem cashing in EU money. Somehow I doubt Brexit means cutting their fat pensions. Parasites.
      The Brexit they’ll get is the one they were predicted to get by everyone else.
      All Trump wants is to weaken and wound Britain. So it will be easier to plunder for the U.S. On the mainland we’ll just watch. They chose their own sad fate.
      But be ashured. They will be welcome if they want back to us. This time with no special privileges and as a full paying member.

    • Wreckage and ruin are what you get for burning down our White House in 1812

    • U.S. so immature.

    • “The votes were based on intended fake numbers and false information. And lots of alcohol and fun votes.“

      Prove it.

    • I don’t think EUro has to proof anything. I saw the same interviews with people on the streets.

    • Liberals whining about losing does not equate to proof of cheating, manipulation or alcohol abuse.

    • We all know Rightards are much more used to the spirits. European Rightards have to pay back millions of tax money because they spend it on alcohol orgies. Preach water and drink wine.

  9. Pistal666 July 14, 2018

    All you Left Wing Victims make me laugh with your lack of anything factual to say. Boo hoo Brexit, Trumps a bully, Sadiq Khan is my hero. Go and fly your crappy balloon while you stand in your Victim circle, crying and tossing each other off, lmao you losers :) :) :)

    • Sadiq Khan wants to fix online harassment by styming free speech while approving Trump bullying in the name of free speech. Double standards much? :D What a pork eating wankmaggot he is.

    • Hahaha. You are really comparing harrassment to insulting a politician in his office? Worst whataboutism of the day. Wow. That’s low. You are a terrible person. Shame on you.

    • Attack arguments, not the person. That is the far-left’s every day fallacy. You see what I did with Sadiq Khan. I did not attack him, I attacked his policies. Though in the end I sank down to your level with a term I learned from this thread (wankmaggot).

    • Your whataboutism disqualified you from this discussion. Sorry. Them the rules.

    • @Dat Give me some arguments to oppose then. There is a huge amount of shouting from the bushes with personal attacks against Trump. Eg. employment has gone up for both genders and all demographics during his presidency. Is that racist and misogynistic? Give me something to oppose instead of being a racist and attacking the hue of his skin colour like a member of the KKK.

    • “Your whataboutism disqualified you from this discussion”

      Your cowardly admission of defeat is duly noted.

    • Funny. Everytime rightards get thrown out of the discussion they call it a victory. Pretending is believing.

    • Haha, that’s especially funny since it’s exactly what you did.

  10. Good job finding the homemade signs, most of them was pre-produced and handed out to dumb people who don’t ask questions about who made them and why they would have an interest in doing so.

    • So all Trump fans painted their own little ‘Merica flags on his shows and wrote MAGA on their red hats? Fail.

  11. How many of these people turned out when President Xi of China came to the UK? (China would be a great place to demonstrate, guys.) And what good do they think they’re doing? Really?

    • It’s not like Xi is destroying a democracy, like Trump does. These people are also there for the American people. The US deserve a propper president.

  12. Fother Mucker July 14, 2018

    What does W**ker mean?

    • It is a synonym for a cu*ked far-leftist who has had his feelings hurt by the democratic process. Usage;

    • I’m so embarrassed to admit I’m a Merkin…

    • Stupid fother mucker…..

    • wank (wank) : to masturbate. [Middle english] to self-flagellate.
      [Italic] to whack your meat [/i]

      Is that obvious enough?

  13. Hmmm, the opinion of a country that bans kitchen knives and memes… Yeah none of us have given a **** about you pu**ies since July 4th,1776.

    • Said the descendant of criminals, murderers and religious lunatics. Still 200 years behind the rest of civilisation.

    • “Criminals and religious lunatics” (and you forgot psychotic patriotic farmers) that absolutely stomped your stupid asses

    • Who’s asses?

    • England’s, Euro.

    • Now you asses belong to Putin, AMERICA. Need some lard?

  14. Dogs > Trump

    And you know how I feel about dogs!

  15. Is that Tony Robinson in the first pic? #1

  16. I like Trump.

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