Just a Coincidence? I Think Not!



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  1. unknown origin February 25, 2017

    And they both wear ties!! Omg he’s back! Run for the hills!

  2. The Good German February 25, 2017

    And both like to produce fake news.

    • You would know, having a lifetime subscription to the Völkisher Beobachter, you little goosestepper.

    • The Good German February 26, 2017

      It’s “völkischer” with a “c”. You need more German lessons. And I’m pretty sure of us two you are the target readership of such tabloids.

  3. Ginny Blythe February 25, 2017

    Billy Jeff was illiterate. Who’s your Daddy!

  4. Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин February 25, 2017

    Völkischer Beobachter and Variety: Both total shite. Not surprising.

  5. The Lone Wonderer February 25, 2017

    Look at the A (right after the V on Trump’s paper). Clearly a suspicious triangle in there.
    On the right, I’m pretty sure there are swastikas visible.
    Illuminati confirmed! Time travel proven!

  6. You can’t compare Trump with Hitler

    • That is INDEED the point of this intentionally absurd comic.

    • Kauf Buch hat einen Mikropenis March 1, 2017

      Bill Maher put it like this: “Trump’s not Hitler. He’s a mental patient who believes he’s Hitler.”

    • Xanithar Proctin March 6, 2017

      You are right!! Hitler was smart, maybe in an evil way; Trumpty-dump is just stupidly doing what Bannon tells him to.

  7. And they both comb their hair. Hitler parts his on the side while Trump combs his eyebrows over his head.

  8. What makes them similar isn’t the newspapers they choose to read, but the fascist ideas they choose to have.

  9. That’s not a newspaper. Trump doesn’t read.

  10. That does it, I’m boycotting this site. Political humor would be a lot more funny if it were two-sided, but this site only ever posts rips on President Trump; never a word about the Clintons, Sanders or President Obama. Once in a while is fine and I laugh too, but this site has greater than a 1-in-10 postings making fun of President Trump. I really like all the funny cat and dog photos on this site, and the photos of creative and funny things that people do (intentional or not), but eatliver has certainly changed since the election.

  11. Eat Liver and Die February 26, 2017

    It should be noted that the goal of Conservatism and Libertarianism is the diminishment of the state to it’s most rudimentary functions. In the US that is national defense, and regulation of interstate commerce (in the US). Anything else is needs to be swept away.
    The conservative/libertarian mantra is “Dedfund it”.
    The US Demoncratic party is the party of Hitler, Jefferson Davis, Japanese American Internment, civil war.
    Not a national socialist Democratic workeers party montra.

    • So a rudimentary goverment is better than a full functioning one? Yeah, makes sense. No laws, no regulations, no police or schools, forget healthcare, more money to the rich and to hell with the poor.
      Please build The Wall on all borders and your coast lines. US will be less than a third world country then and wild roaming Americans should be contained. You can have our right winged nuts too if you like.
      All behind a wall and a lid above it. Perfect.

    • A devastatingly well written argument, ≠.

    • @Euro
      Europe gave us 2 world wars;
      and genocide.
      **** the EU..

    • @Sheer Away
      Europe also gave us Democracy (which surely has it flaws the way we deploy it), Enlightenment, Humanism and quite a bit of natural sciences.

  12. Xanithar Proctin March 6, 2017

    At least the newspaper Hitler is reading doesn’t just contain bullshit like Variety does.

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