Trump Gives Her Hope



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  1. You’ve really let yourself go since the Vice-Pres run, Sarah.

    • She’s prob preggers with another one of Bristol’s babbies. The wine and cigs are to make sure that it’ll have the proper iq level to fit in with the rest of the fam.

    • @ Meh and wannabe Groot
      Sweet topical references guys! 2008 was what, 7 years ago? I bet you idiots say “win!” and “fail!” unironically….

    • awww normalguy, bummer you can’t come up with anything cool to say on your own, so you just have to disparage other peoples’ posts. keep on trollin!

    • @normalguy “Topical reference” is the point, dimweed. The witticism requires that some time has passed. It wouldn’t make sense, say, immediately after the referenced election.
      Anyway, sorry your dream VP didn’t work out for you. Do try to get over your loss. That was like, what, 7 years ago?

    • @ groot – Yes, none of these words that I type are my own, how did you know? And if I’m such a troll, why do you respond so idiotically? Answer and thus I shall grant your wish.
      @ meh – Haha, wow, got quite the whiny response from you. I’d say that a tampon is in order for you. Also, it appears that my point went over your head… oh well. Sorry that your wetdream POTUS isn’t working out for you. Do try to remove your head from your ****. Also, quoting me didn’t make your post clever, you have to change it slightly. The witticism requires that some of the wording gets altered. It wouldn’t be funny, say, if you quoted it exactly. Seewhatididthere, dimweed?

    • @ng- wow you’re a feisty little bot, aren’t you?

  2. I don’t want America’s murderous soldiers, scheming spies, evil corporations*, Kardasian pushing media, thieving bankers, … in my country, either. So I can understand Trump in this one.
    (*) Except the ones that actually have products to offer. Like Coca Cola, even McDonald’s.

    • @ prrrew – Wow, you are a confused mess. We might need to up your medication, Grandpa! I almost didn’t even want to make a post mocking you, since it would be akin to shin-kicking a toddler… but, you know… toddlers.

    • normalguy: Do you copy-paste that crap very often?

    • @ prrrew – Yes, I copy-paste every word. Even words I say are copy-pasted from your mother. It’s mostly, “oh god, normalguy, that feels so good!” Hard to troll idiots like you when that’s what I have to work with, though.

  3. Groot, she aint knocked up, just fat like yo momma.

  4. ThatGuyWhoAlwaysFailsAtGrammars December 14, 2015

    Everyone is arguing at each other and i’m just sitting here….. laughing at the actual post.

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