Wind vs. Trump



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  1. All the charm, wit, and style of a used car salesman.

  2. If you look closely you can see the scar where they amputated his brain.

  3. @Brainttus Here on Eatliver? That’s what I meant. This is not the place to be for a brain.

    • Well whatever free fecking country

    • I’m the kid of you both

    • Did I tell you about that time I blew my nose?

    • Those attempting impersonation should be made aware of the fact that, if anything, I overuse punctuation.

    • Lolfossor March 4, 2018

      The real rattus seems to be taking this lightly

    • @Lolfossor, there are certain subsets of humanity who cannot be appealed to or reasoned with. To try is an exercise in futility, and to be upset by them is to not recognize the nature of the beast.

  4. What if his hair were a parasitic creature from another planet that took over?

  5. Less than well educated March 4, 2018

    It’s really poor comb over. Maybe he should shave it all off and polish the dome. He’d look like a bad as$. Might scare Putin.

  6. Goober the not Funny March 4, 2018

    Fake News

  7. Tony Clifton March 4, 2018

    the last picture he’s looking at Tom Brady and thinking “Mmmmmm,that Giselle is one lucky immigrant.deport her and he’s all miiiiiiine!”

  8. Who, exactly, voted for this jackass?

  9. He’s like 70, or something. Still got his own hair. Haters can suck it. How will YOU look at his age? We all come into the world naked. If you’re going to judge someone, let’s look at character.

  10. The Plumber March 8, 2018

    What’s wrong with his hair?

  11. He is a man that take no sh!t from idiots like you or anybody for that matter………

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