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  1. Nothingsacred September 5, 2017

    The problem is the names of Hurricanes. Harvey does not instill a sense of urgency to evacuate. Hurricane “Gonna f@*k your s#!t up” might get people moving sooner.

  2. Atheist Freedom Fighter September 5, 2017

    It’s funny. Because the truth of praying is, it’s just a lazy way for people not to care, avoid helping others and not to take responsibility.
    After helpers risked their lives, exausted themselves and saved a lot of lives one f…ing hypocrit will again thank his god for the rescue of so many people.

    • Nothingsacred September 5, 2017

      What about the “thoughts”? Do they help?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter September 5, 2017

      Just another word for the same thing. Meaningless.

    • Looking into that empty truck, I can not only see all the prayers bound for Texas, I can also see all the good those prayers will do, AND all the gods the prayers were aimed at.
      Strange, sending a truck to do the job a thimble could handle…

    • With a hurricane, God tried to kill everyone who was rescued. With boats, humans saved them. Who’s omnipotent now?

  3. Wow!
    They ALSO found enough space for all
    the emergency supply donations from
    AntiFa, BlackBloc, BLM, and the DNC!

    • Since when do those organisation have a lot to donate? Greedy money bag scam organisation are more a thing of the right wing. But they rather drop dead than donating a coin. Humbug!

    • HA! I like it!

  4. Where's Waldo September 6, 2017

    Wait a minute – those are the thoughts and dreams for the DACA illegals we’re going to deport.

  5. Dat, go play with your antifa buddies. Not everyone with an opposing view is a Nazi. Not all of us care about skin color. Some of us will judge you on your character.

    • No, not everyone with an opposing view is a Nazi. But Kauf Buch and Hein definitly are.

  6. Are we to assume then, that all those here who have commented negatively about thoughts & prayers (& about those who offer them), have themselves already actively helped in some way?? Maybe by donating money, goods or perhaps their time?? (which,incidentally, genuine christians will likely have offered alongside those “thoughts & prayers”)
    … just sayin

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