The Evolution of Garbage Trucks



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  1. What about CNN?

    • Opferklopper June 8, 2017

      What about your mom?

    • :D

    • well the joke is on them if they thought this was a fox news truck. this is a local station news truck that has no affiliation with the national news network fox news

  2. aww.. eatliver is ruled by little wubbly-bubbly liberal ****. awwww. ..
    well, it seems like this site is going into the shit site list. Adios.

    • Looks like poor fddddd got triggered.
      Find your safe space, little guy. You can do it.

    • Stop it. They throw heat at the left too.

  3. Just Sayin' June 8, 2017

    Fox News: Not racist, But #1 with racists.

  4. gobsmacked scientist June 8, 2017

    Donald Trump

  5. They made a mistake. It’s “Local Fake News Comes First On Fox”.

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