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Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?


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  1. I don’t get it.

    • Flossy McHookerpants October 21, 2017

      It’s the left’s way of trying to shame people into getting normal parents to make their sons play with girl toys. Supposedly “social scientists” say the gay comes from the womb so there is no need to try and brainwash them so there doesn’t really seem a point in this.

    • I now decide to be gay… Nah, doesn’t work. Still prefer women.
      I think that does not work differently the other way. Some people are gay, some animals are gay, no big deal. Doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s natural = God’s plan. Get over it.

    • p.s. TO Dat

      Well it’s natural and part of God’s plan in the same sense that CANCER is, too.
      Natural does NOT always equal “good.”
      The bible clearly says it’s a BAD thing.

      But that’s an old trick Leftists constantly try to push.

    • Who cares what the bible says? It a book from the bronze age written by multiple authors, partly copied from older books, as an advice for social life and health care in that time. Later used to controll the growing masses of civilisation.
      It’s totally outdated. Get a new one.

    • Wow, Dat! I can tell that you have not read the entire Bible. Probably not even a little bit if any at all. If you have read it, you would know that it is NOT outdated. As a matter of fact. there is a significant portion of it that predicted exactly what is going on today. It predicted that in the last days, many will be offended. Today people get offended by anything from calling them by their real gender to saying anything against Islam, but Christianity is fair game. It also predicted that what is right would become wrong and what is wrong would become right. It also predicted that Israel would once again become a nation. In 1967 Israel became a nation as predicted. Bible also predicted that some of the signs of the last days are wars and rumors of wars. I can go on but you get the point. It’s true that men have and will continue to use it to justify their evil ways, but that’s the same as people calling the Bible an antiquated book so they can justify being homosexuals, liars, promiscuous, lovers of themselves, etc. (Not saying the you are any of those, I am just trying to illustrate a point.) People becoming lovers of themselves was also predicted in the Bible. Psychopaths, narcissist, and narcissistic personality disorder are all examples. The really big cataclysmic predictions, are yet to come. So is the Bible an antiquated book? I say not, and I can prove it.

    • FlyingKiwiGirl October 23, 2017

      You idiot

    • @ Robotossin, as a Christian who has read the entire Bible several times, I feel obligated to point out a few problems in your logic: 1. Jewish people who were hoping to have a country again said that one day their dream will come true (as everyone who ever had a dream would say) and when it indeed happened, you consider that a validated prophecy? 2. wars and rumors of wars… yeah, because humanity has not been in constant warfare since the beginning of times. We are living in the most peaceful times in recorded history, but people like you seem to think it’s worse than it has ever been. 3. “what is wrong will be right” is one of the most vague things that are out there, sounds like a fortune teller at a fair. 4. Narcissism has been known since way before Christianity existed and don’t tell me that psychos were not present on this planet since the birth of the first humans. I am a Christian who doesn’t believe we live in the end times, but people like you form the main core of Christianity, unfortunately, and give the rest of us a bad name. People have been convinced that their generation would be the last since the dark ages, every century had their own doomsayers and anytime something would change they would shout out that it’s the end. Truth be told, in the dark and middle ages, along with horrible wars there were also plagues that killed way more people than you could imagine, wiping out entire communities, but sure, we are trying to accept gays today, so that’s where God draws the line and kills us all. The Bible might not be entirely outdated, but your way of thinking sure is, and as presented above, has been around for way too long.

    • @ Robotossin
      Without any bible I could have predicted that someone will be offended by that.
      As an atheist I have read the bible many, many years ago. It didn’t change my opinion. Btw.: statistics show that atheists know the bible better than many christians.
      Concerning your person I think you are the archetype of the religious lunatic. A few years earlier and you would have had me burned to death. You need serious therapy.

  2. Doesn’t work that way with kids in reality (maybe in Leftist minds…ahem).
    At that age, girls are “yucky” to boys.

    And, to my knowledge, boys never had “dolls”
    of any kind until the degenerate 1960s/70s influence.

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