If Celebrities Used Meth…



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  1. Half of them are still using meth including obama and his wife Michael or whatever her name is

    • What drug did you take? Sessions doesn’t like drug abuse. You dishonored your beloved great leader Trump.

  2. Anan 7 of Eminiar VII January 6, 2018

    You depicted Hussein and Degenerate in a negative light. Please report to a disintegration chamber.

  3. Hilda Ogden January 6, 2018

    If them was vampires, – them coud give ya a nasty suck!

  4. A Really Old Guy January 8, 2018

    I take a picture like that and I never used meth. Used to be a sex worker but got fired for gumming things up. Ya gonna let that one pass EatLiver?

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