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  1. Dick Cheney May 2, 2014

    Before I became worth over $100,000,000 off of the lives of our troops, I applied for and received five draft deferments. I was not rich nor was my daddy something big. Hell! I failed out of Yale two times!!! The thing is I was white enough and ruthless enough to get my way. Again, I applied for and received FIVE DEFERMENTS!!! I always win no matter how many troops I have to have slaughtered.

    • Sarah Palin May 2, 2014


    • Joe Biden May 2, 2014

      Hey, I had five deferments too. You guys always ignore me, no matter how much collateral damage gets in the way of our drones.

    • Dick Cheney May 3, 2014

      Joe, I think people pay more attention to me since I sent so many troops to slaughter for Halliburton and big oil. Hell! I shot a guy in the face and he apologized to me!!! I wish more people treated me like a king like my hunting buddy does.

  2. Don’t forget my plagiarism! It’s like a requirement for being a lawyer, except you’re not supposed to get caught. My bad. Hey, you ever notice how many Leftist politicians are lawyers? Kinda scary, really.

    • Dick Cheney Is A War Criminal May 5, 2014

      Dick Cheney sending troops to slaughter for his own personal gains is worse than being a plagarist and/or lawyer.

    • Do some research on LBJ, Brown & Root, and the Vietnam war. Oh, and look up Gulf of Tonkin too.

    • FUBO = Anon May 7, 2014

      Thanks for the head’s up, dumdum.

    • Another grim milestone May 7, 2014

      More US military killed in Afghanistan under 0bama administration than under Bush. 0bama/Biden = war criminals. 0bama/Biden shoot missiles from unmanned drones and kill women and children. 0bama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry = war criminals. 0bama/Biden/NSA spy on US citizens. 0bama/Biden = fascists.

    • More US military killed in Afghanistan & Iraq combined in *one term* of W’s presidency than so far in Obama’s… How grim is your milestone now? Particularly given the number of unarmed civilians killed under the last Bush administration, and the fact that that administration is the one that *set up* the spying on US citizens…
      Obama, like Bush, Clinton, and Bush before him, is a career politician. The fact that you’re a lifelong brainless adherent to an over-polarized political party shouldn’t blind you to the fact that it’s been decades since the USA has had a decent president.

  3. PatronasKitty7 October 12, 2015

    Why is there no reflection in the mirror?!!

  4. It’s photoshoped.

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