The Real Donald Trump

Let's face it, Donald Trump is an old man.

70 thoughts on “The Real Donald Trump”

  1. America you should be so proud of this woman molesting, lowlife scumbag.

  2. Still, better looking than Hillary. Who would have started a war with Iran by now.

  3. Are there ANY lengths you liberals won’t go to dis Trump? So sad.

  4. Eatliver without fake views…
    oh wait.. you are already meaningless site

  5. You’re an idiot! Just in case you didn’t know.

  6. Like a woman in her late 30’s who is not wearing fake-up.

  7. Why are against libraries?

  8. *you

  9. looks like Ebenezer Scrooge

  10. anyone that backs this coward and traitor is an idiot

  11. are there any lies Trump’s base will deny? the man is a malgnant narcissist (sorry about the big words)

  12. Site brings funny pic about Trump. Site must be meaningless.

  13. Humbug!

  14. I’m pretty sure Trump never told a true word in his life.

  15. If you are going to feebly attempt to use a big word like malignant at least spell it correctly so you do not seem to be an imbecile.

  16. Typical morons to elect someone like him. Sadly they will never understand

  17. @ Rich. As a Trump supporter I’m impressed you actually managed to put together a whole sentence. Well done!

  18. My dog is better than Hillary but that doesn’t mean I’d vote for my dogs poo.

  19. @Anti-Lib, any politician behaving like Trump, irrespective of affiliation, ought to be impeached and imprisoned.

  20. Scrooge has nice hotels and fine bars. I like the big hamburger at the Scrooge International Hotel in Washington, D.C. It’s a bit pricey though, but a nice finish for touring the city during the day. Rain has just stopped. I think I’ll walk by his house which is near by. I like the tanks by the Lincoln Memorial which I’m about to walk to now, the jets overhead and the cool music. Scrooge sure can through a good party.

  21. Scrooge still owns DC several million for his inauguration party. He is good at spending money he doesn’t have.

  22. It’s no lengths at all. It’s so easy. He offers ups so much material, it’s no work at all.

  23. A bullet between the eyes would solve a lot of problems

  24. Impeachment, trial and incarceration would be far better, to educate his fan base on the “achievements” of their genius-moron.

  25. All I have to say is about his latest statment. The airports were taken during the revolutionary war. OMG!

  26. You people do not seem to understand the Trump is a cult leader he’s very charismatic he’s a megalomaniac so she’ll path a prevaricator and absolutely his following would drink the Kool-Aid for him you have to understand the psychology of culture understand why the base will never change cult hero is saving babies by trying to outlaw abortion and Planned Parenthood which prevents pregnancies and disease and saves unwanted babies they just don’t get it and people that want to have a gun no matter what the politics are they’re going to vote for somebody does not want any gun control it’s that simple where in trouble

  27. fools and asleep people on both sides of the coin.

  28. It’s a crime even to suggest that. Good luck dumbass

  29. Trump 2020!

  30. God help us. Grandkids can’t look up to liar. Tell the truth please!!!! Yep

  31. At least she not befriended us to Korea and Russian

  32. The person who posted this picture is an idiot. This picture is probably photo-shopped. Get a job…

  33. I would like to visit that historical airport the Continental Army captured

  34. Trump is mentally deranged and the butt ugliest President in ou History 😜

  35. You’re talking about the clintons & Obama’s! Idiots! They’re everywhere!

  36. Who cares what he looks like! He’s done more for this country in 3 years than the last 4 presidents ever did! And don’t believe everything you hear from the Democrats. They’re just running scared cause somebody is messing up their money pit! DRAIN THE SWAMP! Trump 2020!

  37. His looks are just an example of how everything about him is fake.

  38. I will never vote again for Trump

  39. Ugly now and then and dumb as a jackass.

  40. Trump Nation has but one comment to all the haters. Doesn’t it suck to be on the losing side?

  41. I agree

  42. Trump was the worst mistake this country has ever made. The truth is beyond him. He would not know the truth if it hit right between his eyes. Our country needs help to get back what it is supposed to be. Pray to God to help us be what we should be. Pray God trump does not get one of his multiple wars going. GOD BLESS THE USA

  43. the US has become the joke of the western world, with a mentally deranged president.

  44. Trump 2020 !!! So who are you blaming the great economy, lowest unemployment rates and and overall great times on . You dumbo ‘s

  45. You need to move to another country

  46. Trump is a horrible example of what a president should be. He hates’s women and is always demeaning.

  47. Idiotic post. You forgot to photo-shop the eyebrows, head is the wrong size whomever’s you used( looks like Ed Assner) in any event you’ve made me ashamed I followed the obvious click-bait!

  48. The GDP has risen nearly every year since 1990, the unemployment is dropping since 2009. Thanks for making me understand that this it Trump’s achievement.

  49. That’s why Trump will win 45 states in 2020. Things like this, prove you demonrats and commies are deranged and not in the mainstream.

  50. Mueller investigated Trump and his admistration for over 3 years and didn’t file any charges against Trump. Case closed.

  51. I will never vote for another Democrate

  52. Touché

  53. We have earned the respect of foreign nations! He’s tough when all preceding Presidents had no courage to do what they promised.

  54. Or as a 1000+ former federal prosecutors write: “Each of us believes that the conduct of President Trump described in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report would, in the case of any other person not covered by the Office of Legal Counsel policy against indicting a sitting President, result in multiple felony charges for obstruction of justice.” And that is just the involvement of Russia in the elections and Trump’s attempts to cover up — Trump himself has not been investigated yet.

  55. Earned the respect of foreign nations? All ambassadors in DC will have told their home-government that Trump is “inept” and “clumsy”.

  56. The one in the White House. Is the one that should leave. He doesn’t like our country. He should stop trying to make it “his” country. This is not & never will be an “all white country”!!! How retarded is it to try & make “anyone” in their “right minds” think such a thing!!! Trump should be the one to leave. He obviously does not like a young but well known & liked country(USA) for being a melting pot from the “get go”. That’s just what we are & should continue to be. For all the right reasons. I love to be lucky enough to live in the country that is wonderfully mixed up. Many colors, sizes & shapes. President Trump take your family & leave. Don’t you worry about coming back to show us how. We already know how. Shame on any American that help you be the one to fix something that isn’t broke in any of the ways he thinks or wants to change about America. 1928 his father was arrested in kkk attire. Can’t tell me a son that has his daddy’s background doesn’t grow up to be like the father that showed him how to be. “No One but our president can open a casino in Las Vegas & loose $$. That man is not the one to fix any of our deals. He has already raised our debt in trillions. Do you really want him to reach his goal & his particular ways to put our debt in the zillions. Not like he has to worry about taking it with him. He gets to walk away & not payback like all his other IOU’s.

  57. There are a lot of sheep who hate trump abd really don’t know why for themselves just what someone has told them. Trump has made or dollar stronger then it has in a long time because he handles shit that should have been done many years ago. Im sick of hearing everyone bashing our president when no matter what we should be behind him supporting him. We needed a ball breaker in business to get us back to where we need to be not a damn puppet that says whst everyone wants to hear and in 4 to 8 years in office just get us in more debt and broken promises to pass the buck onto the next president. So all you trump haters you should be arrested for treason you stupid punks. You ak will di the same shit ti the next president. You are ak the ones who are raising their emotional cards up because someone is telling the truth and it hurts

  58. He thinks just like his fore fathers….snakes,kidnappers,murderers,rapest….its they nature.

  59. Yes the airports were taken over. He must be an alien amongst many many other mental issues

  60. Exactly! I’m deleting this whole app because it’s bashing my president!

  61. He deserves disrespect

  62. Waiting patiently on November ‘20. Trump has been a total disgrace to this country. #BringonJoe

  63. You are so deceived. He’s had his head stuck up Putin’s ass even before the election. That man is our enemy. Trump is a lunatic. #WaitingforJoe

  64. Haven’t u heard? We blame everything on the ‘mexicans’

  65. He is racist, truth be known, he has white robe and attends meetings regularly. He is an idiot, disgrace to our country.

  66. My 401K looks pretty damn good right now. So now I can pay for all the millennials that choose not to work. See it’s a win win for liberals.

  67. No political squabbling.Years of secrecy from that apologetic idiot Barry and partner Michael and their playing puppets of corruption with lowIQ together did nothing for the country but divide. Their policies from Then did our country nothing but show weakness and raise radical and racial concerns. Swamp drainage needed for the new Dem members with the same policies. Or puppet masters.

  68. The economy would have been better without Trump’s interferences.

  69. Trump supporters are just mad their parents are brother and sister. Trump is a conman,grifter,money launderer,tax fraud,serial liar,and a pedophile and child rapist. His supporters are dumber than 5th graders,and trump is dumber than a 1st grader.

  70. You must be happy your parents are brother and sister huh?

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