Tinder: Profile Picture vs. Reality



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  1. The Hills are Alive With The Sound of Mucus May 9, 2018

    Yikes. Have you ever seen the real life picture of Maria Von Trap?

  2. I feel sorry for this woman being shown side by side with this failure in chief.

  3. All those advisors and he can’t get his tie neat? Honestly that looks terrible!

    • And if he DID have his advisers do his tie, you would blast him for not doing it himself. (◔_◔)

    • My husband voted for Trump. I just cannot stand the tie…and it is All the time too. One of my husbands business partners donated so much to the campaign he was invited to the inauguration. Bite me.

  4. The white part on the lady looks like predator.

  5. Her hair looks real.

  6. The USA and the world would have been better of with the woman.

  7. what a big hoes

  8. Trump is all natural I hope you enjoying it Melania

  9. It free, swipe that EBT May 11, 2018

    Like you would ever see 0bama doing any work.

  10. Victoria Freeman May 24, 2018


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