Tinder Dates (Choose Two)



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  1. Conversation & not murder. The murder thing is a given unless one is suicidal. Beyond that, in my experience, attractive dullards become less attractive the more you interact with them. People who don’t immediately strike your fancy but are interesting, eloquent and charming become increasingly more attractive the longer you know them.

  2. Nothingsacred September 19, 2017

    Attractive and will not murder you. It’s tinder after all and I don’t expect to meet a Mensa member there.

  3. I’m a nice guy who won’t murder you and I’m quite intelligent and can hold a conversation. I’m also an ugly bastard!

    Number of Tinder dates this year?


    • Did you swipe whatever the appropriate direction is for dumb girls with large breasts, or plain Janes with interesting profiles? That often seems to be an issue – dudes not going for ladies who are their equivalent and then complaining that the Victoria’s Secret wannabes are going for either buff guys or rich guys.

  4. Sort of like EatLiver commenters.

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