“I Promise I Won’t Get All Political”



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  1. So this is what Fred Savage from Wonder Years has been up to lately?

  2. Blood Everywhere December 20, 2016

    Maybe a tad too soon? Thoughts?

  3. The Good German December 20, 2016

    Obviously another set up by Erdogan. Maybe the turkish intelligence agency threatened his family so he had to do it and sacrifice himself.

    • Yeah…”just another” muslim terrorist. Courtesy Erdogan and the Quran.

    • angela merkel December 21, 2016

      Sounds legit, maybe they forced him to shout “allah hu akbar”, quote a jihad-verse from the quran, and do the islamic state/tawheed sign too.

  4. MSM news re-writer
    “Today in Turkey a gun shot the ambassador and a truck hit the Christmas market shoppers.
    We will inform you of any new developments.”

  5. scott gallant December 21, 2016

    Geeze I hate performance art!

  6. not funny at all

  7. Eatliver is my favourite, but this post made me feel bad. The man was killed, I don’t think it’s funny.

    • Correct! EatLiver censors anti-islamic-terrorism commentary…makes you wonder how much they sympathize with such totalitarian cult-like-terrorism.

    • @KaufScheiße: Didn’t I tell you go buy some books and learn?!
      [Please don’t try to be funny with “neuro”, “Mr. Nutjob”, “Neurotic”, and similar nicknames. Try harder. HARDER!!]

    • Leck mich, Neurotiker. Du bist ein Depp der NICHTS außer Links-Propaganda verstehst.
      You can keep your Leftist propaganda and stick it where the Swiss sun don’t shine.

    • The Good German December 21, 2016

      Deine politische Ausrichtung deutet eher auf eine schwere Neurose hin. Normalentwickelte Persönlichkeiten geben nicht solche Kommentare ab. Ihr kahlrasierten Ossi-Glatzen habt einfach zu viel billigen russischen Schnaps gesoffen und jetzt sind eure Hirne weich.
      Your political Opinions tend to show sign of a neurosis. Normal developed personalities would post comments like this. You bald-headed eastern-german skinheads just drank too much cheap russian vodka and now your brains are squashy.
      Well done! But he couldn’t comprehend your demands.

    • @KaufScheiße: Viganella is in Italy, not Switzerland.

    • Neury: first you call me SH!T (Scheiße) and then tell me NOT to call you names.
      Uh huh. Gotcha. Clown. Fool. Hypocrite.
      Second, YOU said Switzerland earlier; you’d never mentioned Viganella before.
      (I *loved* Domodossola!)
      But keep on changing your story, sonny.
      Third, NEXT TIME: try responding simply to what I posted.
      Good German (you mean, like the kind who obediently followed Hitler, because *following orders* is so inbred into their psyche?!?): no Ossi, you fool, just a simple American who has no tolerance for your or Neury’s brain-dead parroting of Leftist tripe. Keep your pseudo-analysis for folks who are duped by your prattle.
      And…speaking of merely responding to what I post: how much do YOU sympathize with islamic terrorists?

    • The Good German December 21, 2016

      So you are not even speaking for the us Germans? Then shut it! You obviously know nothing about Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the rest of Europe or the world at all.
      I do not sympathize with ANY kind of terrorist. Islamic, christian, left, right or trollistic.

    • Dear @Kauf Buch!
      I seldom say this, but when I do, people tend to listen. So: I believe your anger is a defensive response to suppressed feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness. Your angry outbursts are a dangerous method of trying to cope with unhappiness, and depression. You need to talk to your doctor about anger prevention and control. You may need a therapy. And I mean this very seriously.

    • @KaufBuch:
      And I didn’t tell you not to use nicknames. I told you to try harder.
      But it’s really interesting how quickly you are able to distort what someone else said. A true Trump supporter!

    • You Dhimmi Euros are in for it…we ain’t helpin’ this time ’round.
      p.s. Save your psycho bleatings for the doctors who treat your illnesses, neury.

  8. The Good German December 21, 2016

    strike “would” / insert “would not”

  9. London Wolfe December 22, 2016

    This awful!

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