Oh Crap! It’s a Thesaurus!



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  1. Rattus-amber February 23, 2018

    Wouldn’t a thesaurus use a slightly more pretentious word than vamoose amongst all those other pretentious words?

    • That was exactly what I thought. We are superior minds.

    • Let’s build a wall to protect against dinosaurs

    • Don’t know which iteration Ratttus to follow #confused

    • @Lolbit,.if you are following the poem I started as a code a few posts back, you should understand which one is real. Also, the quality of the comments should be a giveaway. Mine are well-written and reasoned, those of the remora are the dull-witted maunderings you would expect from a sucker fish.

    • Rattus-whatever, for your poempuzzle to work, it needs all of us to read your posts in chronological order. AND know the english version of your selected poem. AND be interested in your statements enough, to sort out the rest. Or maybe you have the same name each day? In that case the posers can just select that days name.

      I feel pretty dafe in stating the confusion is total. Pick a new name, Rattus. Or don’t. But id you do, pick one with cats in it. Cattus!

      Cats > Rats

  2. Well I just want to say that……

  3. A thought… why don’t all the Rattus variations exchange phone numbers and have a round table discussion then submit a consensus comment. With all the variations now submitting it may lead to a trend of everyone commenting under the name of Rattus. I know I will when the count gets to ten varieties. I don’t want to be left out, I want to be part of the crowd. JUST KIDDING.

  4. I have to protest as all the protagonists appear white. The thesaurus uses “vamoose” which is of illegal alien origin.and is portrayed by a vicious prehistoric reptile. This image is racist and shall be reported.

  5. michael gregg April 27, 2018

    I would be happy to pay shipping plus a couple of $$ for a card with this on the cover.

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