The Real India



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  1. Wow, so spiritual!

    • You have it sweet, India, like you, is ignorant.

    • India is so filthy and disgusting. I would never go there by free will.

    • And if you’re a woman you get a “free rape” card. Oh, the joys of living in a 3rd world country.

    • I’ve been to India. These pictures portray the extreme poverty there. All of India does not look like this. If only the underbelly of a country is depicted (including the USA. UK. etc.), it’s going to look bad. BTW, I am a female and not only was I not raped, I didn’t come close.

    • My sympathy

    • Stfu uncultured swine

  2. The pictures don’t quite convey the aromas to be found there.

    • I imagine a mix of 3 weeks no shower, rotting trash, feces, diesel, cow shit and curry.

  3. So sad. Wonder what the average life span is…

    • Quite medieval… with nukes and plastic trash.

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield October 21, 2014

      67.8 years, from the CIA World Factbook. Compared to around 80 years for a quick look at a few western countries (UK, USA, Germany, France)

  4. Yet they strut around America like they are something special.

  5. To those cows, humans are the filthy animals.

  6. Oh… I thought it was Detroit.

  7. That dude with the yellow shirt on the train picture is the coolest guy in the universe.

  8. Sarah Palin October 22, 2014

    Six years of Obama and this is what Indiana looks like? How pathetic!

  9. Dick Richie October 22, 2014

    At least frog marriage is legal there. I wonder if gay frog marriage is legal.

  10. So true, I went there on vacation it was awful. Disgusting place, food, people.

    • Its not. You can’t take a little piece of something big and say that this is what the whole is like. You obviously have not tasted the real food, there are beautiful places and not everyone is the same.

  11. Poor parts of China are like that too, except they lack scruples in China too. Look up “recycled cooking oil China” for a horrific read why never to eat cheap food there.

  12. Do you want to know why my country is like this? Because we welcomed the muslims and then the british with open arms and in return they did what they do best-plunder, rape, pillage our country. @Euro tell ur worshipfullness queen to return our Kohinoor diamond.
    And yea btw, if u were to return all our plundered wealth, this is how your country would turn into
    Go study about Ancient India and then you can speak.

  13. That’s not India, that’s the USA several years from now, now that the Rep-ugli-cans are taking over. I guess people didn’t get enough of George W. This time they want a real Depression, not some fake pseudo-depression, or Great Recession. That’s for the liberals.

  14. Euro take a good hard look in the mirror. You don’t look good either

  15. I have been to India numerous times. Yes there is extreme poverty but with what little they have, they are happy. And yes i eill still go there for the beauty of all ancient buildings n history.

  16. Vipin Vijayan November 20, 2014

    I am an Indian.
    The fools whom believed India by seeing these pics and commented , I can only compare them to blinds who touched an elephant and explained its features.One said elephant is like a pillar by touching its fatty legs,one said elephant is like a vessel by touching its large ears,one said elephant is like a broomstick by touching its hairy tail.If you want to know about India Please have a study or atleast search in images in Google for Real India.I am challenging we have the best diversities than any other place in the globe.We have more than 500 languages speaking people, Our culture entirely differs from north to south , east to west but we are all united by the feeling we are Indians.I am proud of that , And If you take any field like IT, Medicine , Defense, space , agriculture , every field and have a thorough study U will find we are most competitive people than any others.We have the richest guy as well as poorest guy that is our diversity. We owns the most intelligent guy as well as may be the most ignorant/foolish guy.We have to protect our poor and ignorant people also, throwing out is not our culture .Our culture is to accept everyone tats why we are poor now.But don’t under estimate us we have reached even to Mars. We have the wolds second most fastest growing economy.We are top three in the list of most developing countries . We have the largest number of Doctors, Engineers ,farmers, Industrialists, Scientists,Teachers ,politicians in the world. Ignorance is not a curse you have enough time to learn about India.
    A True Indian

    • Then get all those smart people you have mentioned to educate, inspire and mobilise the millions and millions of “ignorants” to clean up your filthy country.
      You say you have the brain, everyone knows you have the man power, a billion of them, so how come it’s still so filthy???

    • Poo party. The smartest all move to the US to work for Apple, Google, big Pharma, banking etc. One reason being that the average American has been so poorly schooled and its the Indians and Chinese who are needed to make the big US companies work. Don’t also forget the Us and Europe made its vast amounts of wealth through enslavement and stealing resources, it still steals today,Iraqi oil. India maybe dirty in parts but maybe look more local before judging a country and its people through your laptops screen.

    • Sorry, I’m not buying this overly saccharine version of India. I do agree that colonization was a horrible idea, and it seems that Europeans have a VERY selective memory when it comes to their history as conquerors, pillagers, rapists, plunderers, and just ******** in general. They’re so quick to point their fingers at everybody else, but they’re too ignorant to realize their other fingers are pointing right back at them. They really need to take their self righteousness and pride down a notch or 10. Everybody knows that pride goeth before the fall, and if Europe falls, it’s going to fall of HARD. I just hope they don’t expect any help from us ever again. You talk sh!t about my country and it’s people until you need something from us. Then it’s all charm and contrition. Bitch, please. Don’t make me laugh.

    • Twisted Bong January 30, 2015

      Hats off !! Awesome

    • How come so many people get raped there?

  17. I like Indian food.

  18. And Mr. and Mrs. frog lived hoppily ever after. The End.

  19. First English explorer who came to India Capt.William Hawkins appointed by British Queen Elizabeth wrote in his book about the warm welcome he got in India from Indian Mughal emperor Gahangir. He wrote ,when compared to Gahangir Queen Elizebeth is like a queen of beggars, Gahangir is more than 100 times wealthier than the Queen. The King give him all the privileges equal to Royal Family.He ate in plates fixed with emeralds and diamond.He enjoyed the real taste of luxury there and also from a King who knows his guest came with the aim of colonialism.Indians treated even the enemies with generosity and respect. They consider morality more valuable than anything.After the colonial rule India was degraded to one of the poorest nations in the world.90 percentage of the countries wealth was robbed and the colonial powers had exhausted the countries resources. But see what is the condition now .We are the worlds second largest growing economy after China.Imagine after some time where Indians will be. I am challenging anyone in this page If U take any 10 brilliant individual in your environment/community ( office or college or any profile) atleast one is an Indian).

  20. Blah blah blah “the smartest all move to USA to work for Apple and Google”
    Wow what an achievement well done out of more than a billion people you have a handful working for “Apple and Google” lol

  21. Poo Party even ur name sounds nasty :P

  22. IisforIdiot August 16, 2016

    You’re right, it is pretty dirty. Indians can’t manage a country. But “get over it” is retarded. Should Middle Easterners get over the fact that you install dictators, assassinate democratic leaders, bomb them into the Stone Age, steal national resources and label this who resist imperialists terrorists, as well as those fleeing the countries your governments helped destroy? Should Latin American countries get over the fact that CIA helped fascists come to power or the economic warfare you have waged? Should Africa get over the fact that if they don’t give you minerals you need for some not so magical reason their countries become destabilised? Should Native Americans get over the facts that they have been genocided and live in concentration–er reservations… while the invaders complain about immigrants? Should Libya get over the fact that NATO bombed them back to the Stone Age for trying to establish a gold back currency? Should people get over the fact that TODAY, at this minute, they are still being held down so that your children can live lives more luxurious than kings of ages past. Yes, I agree, India is a country badly managed. But please don’t pretend that India was always this way and that your prosperity is by your own superior lineage rather than because of the crimes of your ancestors and current rulers.
    If they have to “get over it” you should “get over” 9/11. Why didn’t you people ” get over” Pearl Harbor but instead nuked Japan?

  23. Kid who likes chainsaws February 13, 2021

    I feel so bad for them i wish I could give up my home to clean india.

  24. Totally incorrect! Showing only trash to the world. Show the good side too, sometimes for a change.

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