Football vs. Handegg


Football vs. Handegg.


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  1. Exactly!

    American Rugby comes Closer. Would offend the Rugby Players…

  2. So bouncing a ball off your leg, chest, arm, head is football?

    But the REAL football kicker doesn’t count?

    • Excellent. I never watch soccer; I much prefer sports.

    • The REAL football player kicks the ball nearly all the time with his foot. Picking it up is a sin.

    • The REAL football kicker doesn’t leap in the air and fall down crying like a little girl when no one touched him till the referee comes and saves him. Or his mommy runs on the field.

    • YEET!

  3. If you think that’s an egg, I don’t want to try your omelets.

  4. I quite like hand-egg, but they keep stopping all the time. It would be better if they just kept playing.

    • and with same players more or less, not change the entire squad for attack and defense

  5. The first picture is European Kickball.

    • Intl nationalist October 30, 2019

      And you kick them with…
      BTW, not European but universal*
      (except for the US).

  6. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    Lol. I’m totally gonna call it handegg from now on.

  7. Anonymous May 28, 2021

    I Never, ever and forever never want to see a ball game where the leg or the hand goes against the eggs!!! Ouch!! Surely that will be breaking more than a pair of game rules!

    Someone likes an omelet?

    Sorry but thanks! I pass this time.

  8. Serious question for you, would the name of the greatest sport on the planet be affected, if dare i say the USA ever won the world cup of football as opposed to the Superbowl of handegg? , which make no mistake will happen someday,

    Football one game ONE name, period, and no that’s not handegg.

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