2016: Expectations vs. Reality

18 thoughts on “2016: Expectations vs. Reality”

  1. True dat :D

  2. Sadly true…

  3. Apparently eatliver is a democrat!

  4. EatLiver is a provocateur and does’t really care.

  5. Who really thought we would tear down and completely rebuild every building in a matter of 20ish years? That is just dumb

  6. Well, to be fair trump did build that tower that kinda looks like those buildings, employing thousands, while all his protesters smoked weed and wrote a 3 chord protest song about whatever in the same period of time. Soo, there’s that. But hey, look at his STUPID HAIR! HAHAHAHA! Here’s a CARTOON DOG FACE! HAHAHAHA! And a POKEMON BALL! HAAAAAAHAHAHA! WHATCHA GONNA DO HUH? CATCH ‘EM ALL? GOOD LUCK!! HAAAAAHAHAHA!

  7. Pokemon>Politics

  8. Is that Waldo? On the phone with the democrats shirt!?!?

  9. Democrats are acting so smug since Hillary got the convention votes. Thing is a looot of people hate her and the establishment. If Democrats don’t start trying to appeal to actual voters instead of sucking off big money donars, US is gonna have president Trump. Sanders would have destroyed Trump. It’s like Democrats are trying to lose, and are only just *slightly* ahead because of how bad Trump is.

  10. I’m still waiting for the flying car from the Jetsons.

  11. Cats > Pokemon > Politics > Trump (Have you seen his stupid hair? And his cartoon dogface?)

  12. He is the best choice. I could never vote for a crooked that reminds me of broom hilda(crooked hillary)

  13. Make America great again?
    Okay lets go back in time, say a thousand years give or take a few.

  14. Mr. Peanutbutter? Nooooo!

  15. Yeah, he’s built a tower or two, using government money. He’s really great at cheating people.

  16. If Trump wasn’t part of the establishment, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

  17. that’s true…

  18. …and the alternative is 100% better? NOPE

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