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  1. Thank you, Goodbye and... February 7, 2020

    Thank you, Goodbye and Good… riddance

  2. That reminds me have to clean the skid marks off the toilet before the wife gets home.

  3. Two criminals absolved by their own crew. Banana republic.

  4. Dingle Barry Soetoro February 8, 2020

    Never forget the Democrats worked extreamely hard to muck up Trump’s impeachement to the point of a Senate acquittal. Funny thing was Nancy was warned. Multiple times. She didn’t listen and now risks having the House impeachment vacated. If anyone should lose their job it should be Pelosi. What a sad finish for a career politician such as her. Trump should show pity on Nancy and offer her a job in the private sector before he investigates Paul Pelosi Jr’s illegal Ukrainian dealings. Someone will need to pay his legal fees.

  5. Why aren’t people spitting angry about the day to day robbery going on around Trump’s properties and the Secret Service paying him to rent rooms. Self enrichment, Hello? Is anyone listening? Trump wasn’t a Billionaire when he was sworn in, but he will be when the next president is… no matter how long it takes. Third world government. Banana Republic of America.

    • Court just recently threw out a case about the Emoluments clause…. because at the time the papers were filed, Dems didn’t have a majority in the house. Now they do, so that’s pretty strange reasoning. It’s going to be appealed of course.

      There are still plenty of other cases about it, but it turns out the Emoluments clause is pretty useless. It needs to be reinforced with some new anti-corruption laws.

    • Next president? Trump will be reelected 2020. If neccessary by forgery. After that he will push trough another period, and another. His goal is to become president for life. He won’t step down. He can’t. His ego forbids it. As does his constant fear for facing the crimes he commited.

    • @Anal-sator: Trump will be reelected in 2020 because the Democrats, as they did in 2016, are doing everything in their power to throw yet another election.

  6. Notice that there are 10 and only 10 Comments for Trump until we get to the Emoulments statement. Guess that was too far past their comprehension.

  7. Many trumpets think an emolument is a laxative….

  8. many a true comment uttered in jest !!

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