Happy And Sad At The Same Time



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  1. Haha! Priceless…

  2. Hilary lost but Trump won

  3. That’s nice that rattus and dat get to drink coffee together and share family memories.

    • And I thought this was Kauf and his mom.

    • It really is nice to be psychologically stable enough to be able to form a relationship with another person and his brothers. You assorted RWNJs and MRAs almost have my sympathy.

    • Haha, just how did you leap to deciding any of us are rwnjs or mras? Pretty weak trolling there.

    • Kauf is a guy!?

    • @Haha, I make a determination based upon the opinions and comments the lot of you post. If it sounds like a duck, etc., etc., etc.

    • lol, your level of intolerance and ignorance is astounding.

    • For the thousandth time, I do not tolerate bigots and I will not apologize for such. Do you lot freely allow roaches, rats and fleas to wander freely about your house, or do you take steps to rid yourself of them? Well, that is what I am trying to do on a larger scale.

    • You are too obtuse to see the real bigot is you.

    • I will say that I am quite impressed that you used the word “obtuse” correctly. Well done.

      And if you mean by bigot, that I hate bigots, well this is just getting all a little too meta.

    • No, you are simply a bigot.

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