How NOT To Answer Test Questions


A short guide how NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.

How NOT to answer test questions… if you want any chance at passing.


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  1. Troubleman May 3, 2021

    I did not know racist tend to color areas with pencil.

    • Trunk monkey May 4, 2021

      White racists have it harder, they need to use white pencils

  2. Anonymous May 3, 2021

    Yes = White, blank space
    No = Darker, colored space

  3. Anonymous May 3, 2021

    “Are you a victim of Leftist Indoctrination?”

    o Yes
    o I’m OUTRAGED you asked that!!!

  4. Anonymous May 3, 2021

    That’s actually a drawing made by senile Joe of the Whitehouse.

  5. Anonymous May 4, 2021

    Yup. And Joe is President. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Now we know how dumb the Left is.

    • Anonymous May 4, 2021

      They are about as dumb as the right who elected a retard.
      Both sides are equally dumb.
      No wonder the world is laughing.

    • I know, right?

      We need a SMALL government like Trump and the GOP want. Tariffs, attacking the free press, wire tapped phones, and of course gitmo, waterboarding and indefinite detention. Now they want to pass laws to clamp down on protesters too. Awseome! They want to make it illegal to have a rally with more than 3 people. Might be hard for me to have that gun rights rally I guess, but it’s still worth it. I just love it when unmarked feds show up at a protest to kidnap people. Can we call them terrorists and take them straight to Gitmo?
      Now if we can just keep all those poor and minorities from voting, we’ll be set. We can’t have another unfair election! I believe in law and order… accept for the part where the justice department, all the election officials, 70 judges and the guy that Trump chose to put in charge of election security all said it was a fair and secure election.

    • Exactly!

      The free press it the enemy of the people! All the great leaders from history agree with Trump. If you don’t know, google it.

  6. Gregor Samsa May 6, 2021

    @Tea, you’re right. Stalin, Hitler, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, and Trump’s wet dream Putin all hate the free press.

  7. Anonymous May 6, 2021

    but…this has nothing to do with presidents. does it? Maybe I just don’t get it.

    • Cardinal Richelieu May 9, 2021

      Anything can be politicized. *Anything*.

  8. Sour Grapes May 11, 2021

    @ Cardinal Richelieu: Anything?? OK, how about oatmeal, or rock salt, or maybe shoe laces? Hum? What about it?

  9. Anonymous May 16, 2021

    Ok Sour Grapes, Why is oatmeal not left it’s natural colour but has to be bleached whiter to be acceptable to society, Why is there no black salt? We can get White Pepper but not black salt and finally which way do you do your shoelaces, the Democratic long loop style or the inefficient but more aesthetic cross loop Republican style. Anything can be politicalised. BTW I’m not from the USA (or American which actually covers a fair bit more area)

    • Anonymous May 16, 2021

      There is black salt, it’s from Hawaii and sold in Kroger and other American stores – just saying.

  10. Anonymous May 16, 2021

    Anyone who uses any kind of insult against President Trump, who is a billionaire, and then look at the one using the insult and see where they stand in regards to economic stability and if they are equal to him then they can talk, otherwise shut up until you accomplish something.

  11. Fidel Castro May 16, 2021

    The Nazi were not “Nationalist”. Their proper name was the “National Socialist Party”. They were in fact, socialist. Socialist like Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler Pol Pot and Chairman Mao are estimated to be responsible for over 180 million deaths. Socialism is not peace, harmony, free money and free education. Take a good look at what’s going on in socialist countries today like Venezuela then understand the people encroaching on our southern border are fleeing socialist countries and you will finally understand that when socialism arrives on your doorstep, it is the end of life, liberty and happiness.

  12. Anonymous May 16, 2021

    @Tea, no we’d rather have the IRS politicized like Obama did and attack religious groups and Republican supporters. And when congress subpoena’s the head of the IRSs mail server it’s conveniently erased. When Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State and it was suspected she was a “pay for play” and congress subpoenaed to see her server it was also erased. And every child of the President of the U.S. is given a job to conduct 3 interviews for CNN and payed $5M like Chelsea, right? Happens every day to new graduates – no impropriety there! And let’s not go into the lies and coverups about Benghazi and how the networks are shielding every Democrat from hard questions! Oh, and why aren’t the press supposed to question Biden at press conferences? Why isn’t he “allowed” to answer questions?

    • Anonymous May 19, 2021

      Hey there, that’s some dangerous thinking, isn’t it? Why not just believe you are being told the truth? This kool-aid is delicious! Have some, you bigot-nazi! Why would you question anything you are being ordered to do? The Democrats love you! They are going to change the world to suit your ideals, and the hell with anyone who gets in their way! Feeling gayer yet? You better, homophobe! Questions are racist!

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