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  1. Actually, yes they are.

    • Actually, no, they are not.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter January 3, 2017

      The believing community just transfers every of its wicket, murderous followers to the side of the guy with the trident. So they won’t be responsible and bath in their religious self-righteousness made out of the blood of their victims.
      To mock those left behind without their killed loved ones they pretend to pray for the souls of those they had murdered.
      That’s how religion works. No regrets, no responsibility, no conscience, no compassion.

    • NowHardToStarboardSheerAway January 3, 2017

      @Atheist Freedom Fighter
      You spelled wicked wrong.

    • @Atheist Freedom Fighter
      Even though religious zealots have caused so much grief and suffering in the world, it’s the sanctimonious atheists that I most want to punch in their insufferable smug little faces. Dunno why that is, but I’m betting I ain’t alone in this.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter January 3, 2017

      It’s your faith that makes you hate me and fuels the need to hurt others. Without it you would just nod to my postings. But your minds are poisoned with a wicked ;-) philosophy of concealed hate. There is treatment but it is hard to find for one infected.

    • @Atheist Freedom Fighter
      Yeah, I’m with foog on this one. The ways in which you push your agenda – you’re just as bad as the religious zealots.

    • Athiest can't spell bathe either January 5, 2017

      Foog ain’t alone.

    • Actually, both of you shut up and enjoy the joke.

    • damn I hate that guy of atheist church… always nagging about some god, religion or wathever… Give me a break.

  2. Man, what has happened to Eatliver? It used to be fun, but over the last few months it has changed into Edgelord Central…

    • I blame it on the moderators, or lack thereof. A stellar website needs stellar oversight. Or perhaps the administrators just don’t care…

  3. Lord Of The Flies January 3, 2017

    The guy has all the best tunes too.

  4. NowHardToStarboardSheerAway January 3, 2017

    I am not a follower, nor a fan of Dom DeLuise and I have not shot anyone either… yet.

  5. scott gallant January 4, 2017

    Love your ham in the little cans! How the F do you make that?!

  6. Some people just can’t accept that life “just is”. They need a reason to live or a reason for life existing or an explanation of what life and death is. So those people create mythologies as a way to explain that. A fairly universal trait, damn near every culture has some sort of cultural/religious belief.
    Of course as a religion gains power, people that want power try to take it. This is why I really don’t care if people are religious or not, but one of the reasons I really hate politics (of power).

  7. Funny that your ad mentions people judging others have a problem. Like when you have an irrational hatred of God. And an errant based one, too. Read Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist.” Religions have rarely caused them (people being shot). Atheists, to use your little devil ruse, killed more poeople last century than have been killed in many others combined, even including the butcher Muslim loons. Get your facts straight. You could then be funnier, and not fall prey to your own ad.

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