History In a Nutshell



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  1. Lazier Than Thou December 13, 2015

    The beaches in Normandy didn’t have a trigger warning.

  2. Every swedish boy ever.

  3. Well, start another war and “fix” them, then.

    • 0bama is still trying to start that race war.

    • @nudge, are you the left or the right guy on the bottom?
      “I can’t live anymore the president is not white. I’m gonna cry…”

    • Bam Bam is half white.

    • @cameraman Wait till they get a woman as president. Pathetic racist misogynists.They gonna kill themselves.

  4. Aren’t all wars just old men thinking of newer and more efficient ways of killing young men?

  5. so… the world was better when we sent kids off to die? I don’t quite get what they’re trying to say here.

    • how kids back then were tough and mature enough for war while today they are whiny little b*tches. I guess it’s hard to make ‘jokes’ when you accept that people are blank slates ready to adapt to the world they’re thrown in.

  6. PatronasKitty7 December 18, 2015

    You have to admit that the guy with blue hair is cute… ; )

  7. Chainlink700 December 20, 2015

    That photo says it all, REALLY IT DOES!

  8. Wow. We in the U.S. have really deteriorated. Add to that “affluenza”. We are going downhill fast!

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