Teacher vs. Author



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  1. So true! But truth is somewhere around: Curtains will carry on.

  2. I suspect that this is also precisely how women think…..

  3. Why was a Venn diagram used? And what does the shared region signify?

    • The Venn diagram is used to show that sometimes your teacher is right, represented by the shared region.

  4. I was an English major and carried an A average in my major courses- until I ran into a professor (yeah, not even a doctor) who absolutely refused to even entertain the idea that the curtains just might be blue. Even if supporting evidence could be found and strong, cohesive argument could be made in support of that conclusion.
    That cockknocker gave me the only grade other than an A I ever got in my major- all because I refused to buy into the bullshit opinion he gave- which *he* couldn’t support. He just insisted he was right.

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