A Nation Taxing Itself into Prosperity



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  1. Tax yourself December 27, 2014

    Too simplistic.

    • Bob the Reasonable December 27, 2014

      it leaves out the striving of the proletariat masses against their bourgeoisie oppressors. The constant striving of class, and now racial warfare. It leaves out the oppression of the minority classes around the world. And the oppression of the majority by a powerful minority. It does not take into account climate change, the destruction of planet by underfunded eco-governance bodies to deal with the raping of the Earth by capitalist scum. And speaking of rape it does consider the subjugation of women and the 57 other genders by the white male.
      This symbol is nothing else but pure racism, misoginism and planetary eco-genocide, It is damnable (if there was a god to damn) how dare anyone display this symbol in public. I demand JUSTICE!!!!

    • It’s a prime example of libertarian-inspired ignorance. Of course it’s simplistic.

  2. God, how I hate those neo-liberal psychopaths….

    • No shit! They never know when to stop. I mean, their alleged god-king hero Ronnie Regan oversaw a tax rate that looks downright socailistic compared to the rate under ebul Kenyan commie Obama. And yet, idiots will idiot.

  3. That’s why countries with high taxes converted into social policies are so miserable, like Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands.

    • Lunching Friar December 29, 2014

      And then look at their debt situation. The only country that can actually afford Leftist social democracy is Norway, and that’s because they were smart enough to invest their North Sea oil windfall wisely. Everyone else attempting it, including the USA with its generous and fraud-ridden, if less comprehensive welfare system is spending tomorrow’s money today, and will eventually find out that tomorrow’s paycheck isn’t big enough to cover the bill. The only functions a government should ever provide are the ones people absolutely can not provide for themselves, such as military, police, and foreign policy. Any attempt to provide what the market can is an inefficient waste of money, and creates powers that will eventually be abused.

    • Because unregulated market doesn’t have abuses. Does the word lobby, monopoly and cartel have any meaning to you?

    • Yes, exactly. Note that these countries introduced vast social support systems only AFTER they became wealthy. That’s what communists never understood – you can’t have a good welfare system without wealth to share.

  4. stupid Russians.

  5. Let’s get rid of all taxes and let the military, cops and firemen pay for themselves!

    • Their proud in the service to the public should be payment enough. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • Yes. Our soldiers are very brave, patriotic Americans who are fighting to allow you to disagree with me. Even so, we should not have to tax rich people or oil companies to pay soldiers.

  6. A Nation…
    trying to keep itself save from guns with more guns.

  7. Italiano Medio December 28, 2014

    Italy at its finest!

  8. geez people…. stop looking so deep into this!! ! its just a snake eating itself…

    • The symbol of a snake eating itself like this is called an Ouroboros. It usually represents cycles of things, something that is cyclic in nature. So in regards to tax- tax rates changing from too low which stifles prosperity and productivity, to too high which stifles productivity and trade, and the in-between phases where things are good. Perhaps?

  9. yeah i know, was. trying to make a funny but obviously failed… i forgot the emoji!

  10. Ive seen that in the movie blood in, blood out, its a sign of “la onda”

  11. This is correct. You can use taxes to alleviate some inequalities that interfere with development of the economy, but without work and further expansion of industry and export (i.e. increasing the overall wealth of the country) you will never get prosperous.
    Think of it as of insurance. It is nice think to have but if you spend all your money on it, you will die of hunger.

  12. Don’t see anything wrong with it, that’s the nature of things.

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