Roses Are Red, Tacos Are Enjoyable…



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  1. It seems “illegal means ILLEGAL”
    is too complex for these ESL useful idiots.

    • Do you like tacos, Kauf?

    • @Lolfosor: Kauf only finds pleasure in the pain & suffering of others. Not in wonderful delicious things like tacos.

    • sorry Kauf, this time I can’t stay on your side hehe

    • If one can’t compete with an uneducated, undocumented, with no connections and no English fluency, then one is too dumb to have a job.

      But it doesn’t mean massive illegal immigration doesn’t bring social problems and violence, since not all of them are hard worker and/or honest.
      Border should be protected and immigration should be only legal.

    • Lolfosor, I prefer burritos, enchiladas and quesadillas, but a crispy taco every now and then is nice.

      Zelda: No, not YOUR taco. Eww!

    • Oh, “Hein”!
      Somebody is FAKING YOU, too!
      How flattering!!!

    • Kauf Buch loves buritos. But not with his mouth…

  2. I don’t get this at all.

    • Apparently Mexicans are to the Americans like Eastern europeans are to the Brits…

      …Filthy, job stealing, rapist, benefit scroungers!

    • And obviously more productive and employable than the Brits. But, well. They solved that. After Brexit there will be no more eastern europeans. Then the Brits will be not only unemployed but no one will fix their stuff. Of course it will someone else’s fault. The EU maybe.

  3. Some Guy Somewhere September 5, 2017

    There may be another statue needing taking down. I understand there’s one in San Antonio TX of a Hispanic guy holding a breakfast taco up in a heroic pose. Some say the breakfast taco was invented in San Antonio. That statue is offensive to all oatmeal loving breakfast folks in the North.

  4. Blame the Chinese: “Production of the next-generation Focus will be moved to China instead of Mexico, and Ford will import the Chinese-made cars to the U.S.” And credit Obama & Hilary, this must have been planned on their watch.

    • *lol* “on their watch”. Do you really think american companies care about the government. There’s a commercial g*ngb*ng in the White House right now. And Trump is in the middle of it.

    • U R right, Dat. everybody gets to pick their own slaughterer.

      i actually can’t tell whether bush&cheney were worse…i suppose we have to se how donald handles his first war.

  5. @Dat- You really are delusional if you don’t think American companies care about the gov’t. They spend millions lobbying for their interests. This is common knowledge. How dumb are you? How dumb do you think the rest of us are? Your leftist, globalist propaganda is tiresome. You must be some Islamist troll. Nobody else believes your crap.

  6. Tacos are disgusting and so are nasty ass mexi trash! Catapult their as*ses back where they belong! Bye d bags!

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