Systems of Measurement




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  1. Because it’s hard to explain freedom using logic!
    How free are you? 10 percent doesn’t sound logical, three meters or the equivalent of three orange light wavelengths also wouldn’t count.

    • Does “3 yd and 8 ft” have a special meaning or are you just a silly free American? That is equal to 5 yards and 2 feet.

    • You are not free. You are alone. That’s a difference.

    • Anonymous April 9, 2015

      Alone, and using russian rockets to propel your earth-orbital 3 yard, 8″ archaic neanderthal staff into space :)

  2. digest liver April 8, 2015

    The joke is that the French person can speak English.

  3. Quick history- the US inherited British imperial units, being originally British colonists. Around the time of the US war for independence Britain migrated over to metric units. Being at war with them, there was no way the US was switching to those new fangled British measurements (they’d rather keep the old fangled British measurements?). Then stubbornness. Now I guess it’s difficult, everyone there gets taught one set of units. Then if they want to do real science or maths they have to learn metric.

    • They actually lost us one mars probe ’cause they can’t do it metric.

    • British system or French System It’s still Yerps fault.

    • Ha!, no. Britain is still very much an imperial nation- just look at road signs (in miles/yards) or ask people how tall/heavy (feet/inches/pounds/stones) they are. The only people that use the metric system all the time are young children because it is easier for them to understand. Learning imperial comes later- and it is important, because everyone still uses it.
      Get yo’ facts straight, son.

  4. Sweet Home Alabama April 8, 2015

    Didn’t we have to save many of those featured in the pic from the others?

  5. There are two kinds of countries. Ones that use the metric system and ones that have been to the moon.

  6. Whadda ya talk'n... April 9, 2015

    Oh, it was done in metric, but some EUro subcontractor dropped the ball and didn’t carry through with the correct specs on their small contribution to the overall effort. Probably and English speaking Frenchman.

  7. Ahem. What time is it?


  9. Canada too polite to choose just one.

  10. LOL. you could say the same thing comparing the metric to socialism, communism, anarchy monarcy and dictatorship and the English units to a free democracy- again, only 1 taker!

    • Dictatorship?
      When you vote you have only one more to choose from than North Koreans do.
      You are as free as a cow, confined to your farm.

  11. Comment…u guys suck

  12. Quick, let’s go metric, which was
    1.) based on arbitrary abstractions which absolutely noone relates to in real life
    2.) developed by arrogant european popcorn fart pseudointellectuals
    3.) had to be forced down people’s throats by top-down elitists even there
    4.) is fricking worthless if you want, for example, an exact THIRD of ANYTHING.

    • It wasn’t forced. It was gladly welcomed, because it was not ‘metric vs imperial’, it was ‘unified system vs many hardly compatible systems’ as most countries had similar but at the same time different units. Metric system was similar to Latin in the Middle Ages. A dead language no one spoke anymore, but helped to facilitate international cooperation.

  13. Kudos to them for getting everything except the personification of China right. Chinese people tend to have smaller facial features.

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