Can I Bomb an Empty Airfield, Please Sweetie?




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  1. It usually takes Republican Presidents almost a year to reach the “Lowest Approval Rating Ever” stage. The Traitor Trump has got there in two months. The real surprise is that his Traitor Supporters still back him.

    • FakeAmerican April 8, 2017

      They still think he’s an american president. Sooner or later we’ll all learn hes a Kremlin agent.

  2. Democrats are lost in the fever swamps. Pace yourselves, looneys, it’s gonna be a long hard eight years.

  3. We had 8 years of dc regime controlled by saudi arabia, now we’ll have 8 years of dc regime controlled by israel.

    • Uncle Isis April 9, 2017

      Josh, please… Trump is more in cahoots with the Saud Family than any democrat ever was.

  4. McViticus April 9, 2017

    The artist should have more confidence in their abilities…I knew it was Putin and Assad without the name tags.

  5. Lazier Than Thou April 9, 2017

    In Trump’s defense(those words sting), it was the most valuable and important military airfield Assad possesses.

    • Fake Buch April 9, 2017

      Yet Trump’s missiles didn’t hit shit. Planes already flying again. Fake air strike in cooperation with russia I’d say.

    • Uncle Isis April 10, 2017

      The Pentagon officially stated that Russia was informed prior to the airstrike, and Russia is allied to Al Assad. So it was pretty predictably the Russians warned them. The only success of the airstrike was that the american public was distracted from Trumps russian trouble for a few days. This is all so pathetic.

  6. Skankles said Assad was a reformer. Dump as a post.

    • Assad the younger did _slowly_ move to let people have input on public affairs a bit more when he came into power. Then the arabic spring started and protesters questioned his leadership.
      of course the protesters could have been steered externally. Pick anything from Iran, Saudis, Israel to USA. Only the EU would not do this, dumb as a post.

  7. The libs just refuse to get over their butthurt. Time to move on, kids……

    • I’d say my brain hurts over so much stupidity.
      So you LOVE Trump is World Police now, or does it HURT yet another promise he made during the campaign does not last 100 days?
      Foreign policy and healthcare is complex. more complex than hosting a casting show or real estate business.

    • Offending, like many libtards, you forgot that MANY voters did not vote FOR Trump, but AGAINST Clinton. Suck on that for awhile.

  8. @BigR At some point in the process I voted against both of them. Just lucky, I guess.

  9. Wag the dog April 14, 2017

    Willy Jeff would have bombed an aspirin factory in the wrong country.

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