Synthol Freaks



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  1. ****** ****!

  2. I have to wonder what goes through their minds, when they think they look “tough” and “manly” when they inject breasts onto themselves. Of course when they go off roids they will get real breasts.

    • suicidebylifestyle September 1, 2014

      I don’t think many of them are on gear, Synthol is for people who want “pretty” looking results but want to do absolutely no work, all you’re doing is swelling your muscle bellies with oil, it’s 100% non functional.
      In many ways gear is safer since if you inject synthol into a vein by accident it will cause an embolism tha can very easily kill you, or if you over to injections they can cause compartment syndrome or result in the over stuffed compartment to rupture.

    • suicideby lifestyle. There’s nothing ‘pretty’ about synthol, it looks fake and wrong. It bears more of a similarity to an outbreak of tumours than muscle.

    • these retards aren’t injecting steroids. It’s a cocktail mess of synthetic chemicals that make your muscles swell. That’s why they look so out of whack.

  3. Fourth one from the bottom (in front of the yellow/orange lockers) is in the Guiness Book of World Records for largest biceps so i guess they’re legit. There was also another guy in there who i saw on a steroid abuse program. The synthol ones are the the chubsters.

    • Kilgore Trout September 1, 2014

      So you mean that his triceps are so naturally big they are sagging down below his arms even while stretched? Yeah, right.

    • No, he’s definitely a synthol user – the entrants in the Guiness Book of Records don’t have to be “clean”.

    • They’re not legit man even pro’s like ronnie coleman dont have arms that big and coleman isnt natty you can also tell by how under developed his bicep long head its all fake.

  4. Many of them are russians, that’s for sure.

    • Why? Just because you papa obama is afraid of Russians doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of his anti Russian propaganda.and say that every body who doesn’t match you description of normal have to be Russian.
      I mean,don’t be a puppet.

    • Right eatliver?

    • @ why?
      Wow, I can sense the butthurt from over here! I’d refute the ridiculous things you said, but that might make me stoop to your level.
      Your country is annexing Crimea against international law and all you can do is impotently insult Obama and people on eatliver. I’d tell you to go look at the squatting Russians or gravestones of Russian gangsters but you’d probably take that as a personal insult as well.
      How about instead of calling others puppets, you get a new lease on live. Laugh, love, stop being a troll, get out of your house, and do something with your life.
      See ya bitch.

    • @ why?
      not even American. Hate russians and wish their cancer died out. Death to russia!

    • I don’t care about Obama. Sending soldiers into another country to steal land it is war. So Russia is a thief. … Always has been.

    • brazil…

    • The Truth hurts September 8, 2014

      It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 50 that the central banking elite that own the West are going after Russia because they’re not playing ball with the NWO world government agenda. Putin is threatening to go to a gold standard and abandon the US petrodollar in the same way Gaddafi and Hussein were going to do and look what happened to them.
      The CIA or associated Western intelligence assets shot down the airliner to blame it on Russia and galvanise people against them.

    • Nobody is after you; you’re living in a mafia run fascist state; wake up.

    • @EUro
      Kind of like the war against terror and going into Iraq against international law.

    • Hammar Man is a dumb December 6, 2014

      It’s all the Chemtrial’s spreading GMO’s, by the illumanti.

  5. Synthol is not a steroid. With steroids you grow huge but you also have to train longer and harder.
    Synthol is just shit you inject in the muscle to give it mass. You are not actually stronger, just bigger. It is easy to spot because the muscles take an unusual shape, not really natural at all.

  6. ewwww. just, ewwwww.

  7. Well, at least this will help me stick to my diet, whenever I get hungry I’ll just look at this, so at least some good may come of it.

  8. How is this not a “reality ” show yet?

  9. actually, most are brazilians! and one is even from my city, Olinda!!

  10. Beyond disturbingly disgusting.

  11. This is absolutely retarded, they look like shit. I can’t believe they think they look good or think they are strong.

  12. Disgusting, these people are mentally ill.

  13. Rick watkins October 3, 2014

    Not a single one looks natural or even like a pro bodybuilder. Seems to be more like a psychological problem or an addiction.

  14. I was thinking the whole time I was looking at the pics “wow these poor guys have cancer” because their “muscles” look more like tumors.

  15. They all look deformed

  16. Maybe start on a leg routine in think your arms are disgusting. You look immensely freakish, and I’m sure women don’t find you attractive. Get a check up from the neck up. Y’all need mental help.

  17. WTF r these fools thinking!!! I bet most r the boys that got picked last for teams, and want to show the world there r big man… FAIL

  18. My god, what is wrong with these people. How can they think they look good. The mind boggles.

  19. Its truly mind boggling at what this science has come to since the 70’s and 80’s….I’d personally like seeing articles on what some of those bodybuilders of the yesteryears are doing today, even up to what Dorian Yates is doing nowadays

    • Dorian Yates now runs an elite gym in Bristol I think, my PT has trained there with him recently

  20. @ The Truth Hurts. You’re an absolute *******! But you’re in good company…enjoy!

  21. I thought Synthol was what they drank on Star Trek.

  22. Its more like a public service warning message.

  23. Throgmorton November 7, 2014

    LOL! That’s all… LOL!

  24. The hammer man November 8, 2014

    Is synthol a steriod?

  25. Go to Youtube, watch all the idiots who’ve used synthol getting their huge necrotic abscesses drained. The huge rotten gaping holes in their arms and legs will cure you from ever being tempted to do something this monumentally stupid.

  26. Absolutely ridiculous look at the state of these idiots they look deformed they certainly don’t look built looks 100% fake not to mention stupid looking I’ll bet they got bullied in school if they had a brain they would be dangerous ffs wow!

  27. Stupid… stupid… stupid!

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