Thank God!


Performs life-saving 12-hour surgery, patient thanks God.


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  1. “Thank you, Lord, for sending this surgeon to perform the life-saving 12-hour surgery upon me.”

  2. “Thank you , Lord, for giving my child this life-threatening condition.”.

  3. Tim Minchin: “F**k me Sam, what are the odds
    That of history’s endless parade of gods
    That the God you just happened to be taught to believe in
    Is the actual God and he digs on healing,
    But not the AIDS-ridden African nations
    Nor the victims of the plague, nor the flood-addled Asians,
    But healthy, privately-insured Australians
    With common and curable lens degeneration

    The story of Sam’s has but a single explanation:
    A surgical God who digs on magic operations
    No, it couldn’t be mistaken attribution of causation
    Born of a coincidental temporal correlation
    Exacerbated by a general lack of education
    Vis-a-vis physics in Sam’s parish congregation
    No it couldn’t be that all these pious people are liars
    It couldn’t be an artifact of confirmation bias
    A product of groupthink,
    A mass delusion,
    An Emperor’s New Clothes-style fear of exclusion”

    Or maybe it could.

    • They’re likely all different, possibly flawed, views of the same God. And for whatever reason it can’t interfere else it’ll ruin whatever it is we’re all here for. But to consider this possibility one needs to take the blinkers off.

  4. Don’t fear the reaper

  5. Years ago I saw a team of about 15 surgeons give a press conference after they had performed a lengthy separation surgery on conjoined Siamese Twins. The surgery took upwards of 18-24 hours and the surgeons had to work in shifts to complete the operation. It was successful thanks to them and them alone. During the press conference one woman asked “Do you think it’s a miracle!?” To which I screamed “NO, YOU STUPID IDIOT…it was NOT GOD!!!” back at the TV, but to my surprise and delight the lead surgeon shot right back at her. “NO, it was not a miracle!” “The surgery was a success because of this team of highly skilled doctors and surgeons who used every bit of their knowledge, skill and ability to separate these babies. God had nothing to do with it.” I was so happy they stood up to her on live TV, BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!! I shouted at the TV!!!

    • Anonymous July 10, 2020

      In fact, Rolland, assuming the god exists and is involved all, for the sake of argument, it could be said that the god contributed to the deformity these doctors worked so hard to correct, whether because of some childish curse he put on mankind for all time after they had the audacity to eat some forbidden fruit. That, or he’s just a crappy creator or a failure as a father. (If that offends anyone here, ask yourself this: if you’re a parent, wouldn’t you do your dead-level best to ensure that your kids didn’t suffer if you had the power to do so?)

  6. Witch docters and Chiefs July 29, 2018

    Behind every doc is an NHS bureaucrat who wants to take the illegal Mohammedan first.

    • Today's test July 29, 2018

      Which of these two things do not belong together?

      1) Government bureaucrats and medical treatment.

  7. Atheist Freedom Fighter July 30, 2018

    This meme is absolutely right. Religious idiots.

    • Liberté, égalité, fraternité July 30, 2018

      A militant, self righteous atheist is just as annoying as seeing two Jehovah’s Witnesses walking up to your house. No one really likes the better than thou attitude and it won’t win you any converts.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter is a Moron. August 17, 2018

      Build a Human being from scratch with the intelligence, emotion and ability to reason that comes with it. Then tell me God doesn’t exist. Oh that’s right. It’s a giant cosmic accident. Atheist idiot.

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