Don’t Laugh, It’s a Serious Medical Condition


I wonder how much it would cost in USA to fix this without insurance...


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  1. I wonder how much it would cost in USA to fix this without insurance?

    • An arm and a le… two arms.

    • A well deserved lot of money

    • About 50 cents worth of nail polish remover…….

    • Monumental stupidity is a preexisting condition according to liberals so they should be able to raid my pay check at will to pay for his treatment and any other pet project they believe will buy them votes.

    • I think we got that from your other antisocial posts before, Haha. You are just an animal.

    • Unindicted co-conspirator December 1, 2018

      People ARE animals, except for Anusymous who appears to be a vegetable.

    • Said the piece of mud.

    • @Haha, Isn’t it fair if your pay check is raided to treat your preexisting condition?

    • Haha will be granted a terrible, painfull death. Not covered by his insurance, treatable in real 1st world countries and at his last moments he’ll think of this page and … just dies.

    • It’s so funny how liberals turn into petulant children when you do or say something with which they don’t agree.

    • I think it’s a accurate depiction of your gruesome end in the future. It’s obviously not a thread but a prediction. Aren’t you religious nutters all in for determination, predictions and prophecies?

    • When did I ever claim to be religious of any sort? So, in your absurd little world view anyone not liberal has to be religious? But go ahead and make up your sad little false narrative if that’s the only way you can fit things into your bigoted world view.

    • @Haha: You’ll have to excuse dat, as, due to his blinders, he only has about five degrees of vision, and anything outside of that vision is stupid or just plain does not exist. Euro is pretty much the same.

  2. @haha: You’re an idiot. You may want to dust off your dictionary, snowflake.

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