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  1. What if it’s Kauf Buch?

  2. This is the thing that propagates nonsense. You can follow Jesus’s words and still be against homosexuality.

    Acting like what Jesus said cancels out what God says is just silly. Neither is mutually exclusive.

    • That doesn’t make sense at all. So both are right and you can choose which way you prefer to hate.
      That’s nonsense and hypocracy.
      If a new rule is out the old one is gone.

    • Cox-a-splodin November 1, 2017

      I was under the impression that Jesus is God so if he says something that contradicts God in the past then the new thing is the rule.

    • Lazier Than Thou November 6, 2017

      Disagreement is not hate.

      I disagree with the homosexual lifestyle. That’s not hate. I don’t hate people who live differently from me. I can love someone and still disagree with how they’re living their life, because they’re more than the actions they take.

  3. This was written – as a “joke” – by someone who does not understand the Bible.

    • The Bible is rather clear on these things. It doesn’t advocate hatred for instance, or greed, killing others and so on. Well, yeah, in “God’s own country” (self-claimed by the US) people don’t care too much, but hey. Guess the Amish do care, but they aren’t really famous for killing others, either.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter November 1, 2017

      It actually advocates killing. And contradicts itself in many ways. So it also forbids it. Same as other religious books. Believers tend to choose the rules that seem most usefull in the situation at hand.
      They say the bible has every answer to every question. That could be right. But it shows you the right and the wrong answer. It’s yours to choose. That garantees you a clear conscience for every vile deed you are up to.
      If you have no conscience religion can’t give it to you. All it can is fill you with fear.

    • @anteater You should actually open a Bible. You might be surprised. “Kill the gays, kill the witches, smash the skull of any non-virgin bride, slaughter the unbelievers, feel free to take foreigners as slaves, make their kids slaves, hand them down to your kids as property, kill your slaves if you like, force women to marry their rapists, slaughter everyone on land you want to steal, leave only the virgin women alive as property….”

      On and on. Utterly sick. Try reading it once.

    • In the ten commandments the Bible clearly states that though shall not kill. No effing conditions. These commandments are like the constitution. By the way, the Old Testament is outdated by the New one.

    • Meh, I actually went to a Kindergarden and after school centre run by nuns. I’ve had more than one look into the Bible. It says a lot of things there, but when push comes to shove it is the ten commandments that count. Though shall not kill, ffs.

    • When push comes to shove, The Sermon on the Mount counts.

  4. As time goes on November 2, 2017

    Things were different 2000 years ago.

  5. The Great Pumpkin November 2, 2017

    Why do people spend so much thought and effort in arguing over the moralities in a work of fiction? You’ll be arguing over the moralities in ‘Harry Potter’ and it’s effects on modern life next!r

    • Holdit Wadeaminit November 3, 2017

      Next! Been to this place they call the interwebs, the last like ten years?

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