This Guy Crochets Stupid Food Hats And Wears Them Himself


Australian artist Phil Ferguson has recently became an internet sensation by crocheting huge food hats and posing in each of his creations while looking like he’s being held hostage against his will.


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  1. I am sure there are people out there who would buy that.

    • Lazier Than Thou June 16, 2015

      Aint capitalism wonderful?

    • Cheetos hat please! June 19, 2015

      Yep me I would like to get one of those hats. I think the sushi roll should definitely be mine.

  2. I like one of them.

  3. My kind of art.

  4. If only he could crochet himself a date…

    • I’m sure he already has, but do you think he’s going to share her/him/it with you?

  5. the ice cream one is awesome O_O… all of them are awesome works of art…. that said… I would not wear them, haha~

  6. IsItJustMe? June 17, 2015

    Gimme two of those cinnamon rolls and call me Leia

  7. Hope he’s making some money on these, because there’s no way he could have enough time to go to a job with all that crocheting! Wonder if he’s made a crocheted woman to keep him company yet…..

  8. What a cool idea…this guy must be a lot of fun.

  9. These are awesome.

  10. I’ve never been held hostage, but I think that if I ever were, it would necessarily be against my will.

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