10 Questions Stupid Atheists Can’t Answer




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  1. Only if you believe in design…

    • The “belief” that life is undesigned or a purposeless accident explains “why” Romans 1:22 is truth

    • Einstein believed in design. Are you smarter?

  2. This is a shitpost yeah? I honestly can’t tell

    • The correct title here should be “ten stupid questions”

    • O-ranga-tang October 29, 2017

      No unfortunately these “arguments” are far to widespread
      These are very commonly killed straw men

  3. Who knows, Noah! Any help will be gratefully accepted before my head melts. I thought we Irish were religious mutters but this is a whole new dimension…speaking of which…..

  4. I meant nutters, of course!!!!!

  5. Oh god the banana argument. Have you ever heard of GMOs

    • Unlike the parent organism, it is bred from the Cavendish banana is just a sterile clone unable to reproduce on its own and not at all a “GMO”

  6. Paul McCabe March 6, 2017

    Do not despair Kin. This can go only one way!!! Downwards…

  7. Paul McCabe March 7, 2017

    Anonymous, can you prove who wrote Romans? And not just because it’s in the bible…just asking? Anyone ever produced evidence other than faith?

    • Faith is based on the evidence that life is not a purposeless accident.

  8. Paul McCabe March 11, 2017

    Ah… more waffle

  9. Paul McCabe March 12, 2017

    I’m afraid the only confirmation is your desperation to answer valid criticism by quoting a book of fables which contains the basis for your delusional adherence to the man in the sky theory. The Bible is a fantasy from which creationists pick and choose as suits, ignoring the inherent contradictions found in it. But if it makes you happy, good for you. Unfortunately neither of us will be able to carry the conversation on into the afterlife as there isn’t one. Having said that, if a heaven existed and was full of self righteous, condescending and supercilious religious individuals currently inhabiting the real world, it might just represent Hell.

    • Fixating on the Bible and using it as an excuse to justify rejection of God is a standard deception which only further confirms Romans 1:20 ,and such dedication to a backward superstition which presumes life is a purposeless accident even though science proves otherwise can only be characterized as truly incredible.

  10. Paul McCabe March 14, 2017

    Oh dear. Fixating on the bible? Is it not the bedrock upon which all your tenets are founded? Here is a simple question… If your god is all loving, all powerful, all knowing and all forgiving, why do Innocent children get abused and raped and murdered and mutilated and beaten? Is that the world of your god? If it is then he must be a pretty sick being with an even sicker sense of humour. And when innocent people were dying from disease and famine for 100,000 years, why did your superior being wait until a few thousand years ago to send his son to be mutilated on a cross? Some father but it may explain my first question. And no quotes from the book of fairy tales please, just an honest answer derived from an honest look at yourself. It makes me so angry to see little ones suffer and to hear the all time worst excuse…it’s all part of his plan!

    • That is illogical and a contradiction since If God and his plan are rejected then from the anti theist perspective such an inquiry does not apply.

    • Original sin

  11. Hunter Rose March 18, 2017

    I used to think there were ‘no stupid questions’. I now know there are ‘batshit ignorant’ questions for certain.

  12. Paul McCabe March 19, 2017

    Isn’t it very noticeable that anonymous chose clearly not to answer the very simple question I posed and tried to turn it round to atheism? Speaks volumes and sums it all up…a refusal to look inwardly and recognise the illogical! Again I would ask for an explanation…or is anonymous afraid to say?

    • Noted is the deception and further illogical contradiction since from the anti theist perspective, there is no acknowledgement of God or his plan therefore there cannot be any moral judgement regarding his actions.

    • Billy the fish April 24, 2018

      Hi Paul. Your arguments are so intelligent I am surprised you even bother lowering yourself to responding to the quite frankly moronic ramblings of the semi literate god squad. Still, it’s nice to watch them dig deeper and deeper holes for themselves with their profoundly ignorant and child like (and embarrassing) arguments. It’s like watching a lion devour a field mouse 😄

    • MATHEW 3 10
      Although the evidence diametrically opposing materialism is insurmountable the
      anti theist ministry of untruth perpetuates the activity to beat the track record for
      ludicrous impossible assertions such as the example there was no oxygen in the
      beginning as if that authenticates the awkward, backward superstition

  13. Paul McCabe March 20, 2017

    And just to make it clear… Does an all powerful and loving god allow children to be murdered…whether the questioner is an atheist or a deist? So it’s yes or no and we shall see where logic comes into play. No doubt to be answered by another quote from romans or a full body swerve which will, in itself answer the question.

    • Using disapproval of God’s plan as an excuse for rejection is a deception and reconfirms Romans 1:20 exactly as written.

  14. Paul McCabe March 20, 2017

    Surely, as a Vulcan, you must realise that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Ergo, god allows innocent child death…as acknowledged in the old testament with the lovely angel of death

    • Utilizing judgement of God or his creation as an excuse for rejection is a deception and distraction.

  15. Paul McCabe March 23, 2017

    Oh dear…unable to answer, my Vulcan foe. Your silence merely reflects your failure to respond to a simple yes or no question without quoting romans. I have a very funny feeling you know the exact answer but cannot bring yourself to say it. If you did, your house of cards would collapse.

    • Such persistence producing excuses for the rejection of God is an amazing feat and truly monumental which includes in lieu of acknowledging the truth a deceptive fixation on the Bible which has become a popular pastime for the peddlers.

    • Paul, You really are quite dense. Feel sorry for you mate.

  16. Paul McCabe March 25, 2017

    But you still don’t answer….your refusal however merely makes clear your difficulty acknowledging the only response possible. Asking if your all loving god sanctions the murder of innocents has nothing to do with the bible. You, however, fixate on talking about it to avoid simple answers. The only remarkable feat here is your peddling nonsense in the third person thereby portraying your robot like responses from a catalogue of replies on a hard drive. Your refusal to answer my previous question probably implies that your only possible way out of your theological mess is “does not compute”.

    • Just producing deceptive illogical reasons or excuses for rejection and even more babbling anti theist monotone verifies that from the perspective life is a purposeless accident, there can be no rational meaningful interpretations or inquiry regarding natural principles

    • Paul .. You want an answer here it is. And before I go straight to the answer I just wanna say how stupid it is not to believe that a God exists. Then tell me what do you believe in?? That we came from monkeys or a crazy explosion. I know my God created heaven and earth. God doesn’t want innocent people to die but for people to be protected they need to live in his protection and the only way u can do that is by accepting him as your God and savior. I once used to question everything but it all makes sense to me now. There is one God in this world if u reject him you’ll open doors for the devil and all he’ll ever do is bring death and destruction to this world. I promise you if the whole world worshipped God the devil will have no way of causing any of the things we hear today. Innocent children dying? That isn’t part of God’s plan. He wants what’s best for his children. You think you’re so smart saying all this things and you probably think we’re the dumb ones but really it’s the other way around

  17. Paul McCabe March 25, 2017

    You, my friend, are stuck for an answer.

  18. anonymous April 1, 2017

    In the real world design is the only phenomena there is evidence for.

  19. Paul McCabe April 2, 2017

    Debora I have no doubt you are good person but just because you know your god created the heavens and the earth does not mean that it’s true. I’m sure the vikings knew Thor was god of thunder but it didn’t make it true. Same with Zeus, Osiris, Gilgamesh and a whole host of others. And if god is so protective why did he wait for over a hundred thousand years before showing the slightest interest in mankind who died in pain, of hunger, thirst and disease and had no idea he existed? It doesn’t matter to me as I don’t believe but good luck to you in your comfort. And as I don’t believe in god, I therefore don’t believe in the devil. If god can’t control him or do something with him then he’s not all powerful. And if he can then he is torturing mankind.

    • anonymous April 2, 2017

      The superstition that complex biological machines can self assemble by accident without a designer is totally illogical and scientifically impossible

    • If you don’t believe that God exists, when you look around and see the world perfectly made, the universe, man kind … It all says there is a perfect designer. Doesn’t it? Who do you think that designer is? If not an all powerful God. Trust me if I came from an explosion I wouldn’t have been perfectly made and we wouldn’t all have the same things in the same places based on our gender. I know you’re mad by how things are now, but the thing is the world is in a curse because of their sin and that sin can be broken by believing in God. And I know your smarter than believing in what the scientists say.

    • I am 100% sure that I am not an accident. No accident can give us all a working brain and air that helps us survive. Every part of our body has it’s own function. We don’t have a single thing that’s just there for no reason. That alone should have made you believe that there is a magnificent creator.

  20. Paul McCabe April 2, 2017

    You still avoid my question, anonymous, and that, in itself, is answer enough.

    • anonymous April 2, 2017

      Therefore the anti theist persists to provide excuses or reasons for rejection and maintain the irrational superstition that creation is due to replication errors by accident.

  21. anonymous April 3, 2017

    The premise of evolution is one very simple theme which includes, there is no designer or reason for existence and all natural phenomena is nothing but an accident.

  22. Paul McCabe April 3, 2017

    And still no answer from anonymous, just a need to resort to the same old turntable of pseudoscience. What stops you from answering, my friend, other than fear of the only possible answer which is that god permits the death of innocent children?

    • Billy the fish April 24, 2018

      Poor anonymous! Lol Backed into a corner with nowhere to run except to keep spouting the same old nonsensical gibberish.

    • LUKE 13 6
      It is understandable why persistent irrelevant mockery of God and his people are the only courses of action since absolutely no rational or scientific explanation for creation is available from a materialist perspective

    • What an Idiot, humans are made with FreeWill and Conscience. The thing is, it is the person who chose to do such thing though he has in mind that it is wrong. And just to clarify your point, as a nonsense athiest, how’d you think everything started? When “nothing” blasted suddenly and made everything systematically perfect? How’d the first cell lived? He became hungry and he had mouth? And he made himself saliva and toung to swallow that food? And what is that food? And, did he have a brain before that, that made him possibly think? Is it just all by accident that all species have 2 genders only? How’d the gender system develop btw? Excuse my language, but, was it first a d**k then it wanted to multiply and made a pu**y out of nothing? Damned Athiests, denying something obvious and presume something impossible

  23. Paul McCabe April 3, 2017

    Debora, are you telling me the earth is perfectly made? Really? Shifting Tectonic plates, volcanoes, tsunamis, chilling winters, the heat of death valley, famine, disease, meteor and asteroid strikes in the past and more to come, the ice age, climate change, infant death, war, chaos, to name but a few. As for all parts of the body being perfectly made, what about wisdom teeth, auricular muscles, the appendix and male nipples?if we don’t need them, why are they there other than through evolutionary processes? And not all humans are born with working brains although I’m sure anonymous would include me in that category, along with all other atheists! Ha!

  24. Look am not saying this world is perfect. Am just saying that it’s perfectly made. And if you tell me that nothing in this world is beautiful then you are fixating on the negative only. And plus God didn’t say we’re gonna live in a world where there is no hunger and pain. He warned us about it all and he also told us that we need to stick with him. Obviously if we were living in a perfect world it would be easy to worship him but the question is can we do the same when everything doesn’t seem to go the way we want it to? Will we pass the test?? That’s exactly how u should see this world.. As a test

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Well stated and contrary to the superficial fixation of materialism the physical world is designed for Gods people to master their gifts and attain spiritual growth.

  25. Paul McCabe April 4, 2017

    Why should we have to go through a test Debora? Is god so lacking in confidence that he has to put mankind through pain to prove they love him? Does he not already know this? Surely a being who is all loving and all forgiving wouldn’t do such things to innocents in order to make us prove our adoration and need for it! I mean, would it not just have been easier to create the universe and just let everyone li e happily ever after?

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Ironically, it is due to the phenomena of design there is a facility for moral judgement or any emotional expression

    • That was what God wanted at first. I don’t know how much you’ve read the bible but that’s what the story of adam and eve tells us. God gave them everything they’d ever want but they still got tempted by that one fruit and got cursed for it. Humans never get satisfied by anything they get, they always want more and that nature of ours got us here so I don’t thing being ignorant and saying God doesn’t exist will fix it.

    • Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

      Except of course Debora that, according to your belief, the all loving, all forgiving, all powerful and all knowing god chose create a flawed being who he knew would fail and would therefore have to pay an unbelievable price for the caprices of such gameplay. Why could god not have just created man so that he wouldn’t have to put him through misery later? And why oh why did he wait over 100,000 years of agony for man before finally revealing himself? What was he doing for all that time?

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Maintained is the contradictory effort by the anti theist to use “reason” to demonstrate that life is a purposeless accident and persistent illogical excuses for rejection is an ineffective means to distract from relevant issues.

    • Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

      What contradictory effort? You are running out of phrases my third person interlocutor. It’s all starting to sound like another piece of nonsense aka the “word of god”. Maintained is the resolute defence of the indefensible thereby demonstrating the purposeless meanderings of the humourless, who chooses to align the self with the use of irony in a wholly ironic form of emotional expression. As an atheist my only response is join us here in the real world.

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Maintained is the illogical superstition and delusion that life is a purposeless accident regardless of the evidence.

  26. Paul McCabe April 4, 2017

    I mean “live” of course!!!!

    • Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

      Meanwhile, back at the ranch….the question dodger resurfaces with another side step.

    • Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

      And getting burnt at the stake or crucified is of course an essential part of god’s aim to help us attain spiritual growth and master our gifts…would that be the gift of blowing out flames or keeping yourself raised in excruciating pain to avoid suffocation?

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Ironically pain is considered by many cultures to be a required component for spiritual growth and not at all a challenge to the ability to recognize that life is not a purposeless accident which is clearly exemplified by Jeshua who asked God to “take the cup from him” before the necessary sacrifice occured

  27. Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

    Brilliant. Tell that to all the children who have died murdered in the name of your god. I’m sure they will be relieved, as will the parents of the innocent. And yet bizarrely you continue to avoid my question. You hide behind pseudoscience, fable, storytelling and hack yet you cannot confront the one question I continue to ask you. If god is so all knowing does he then know that innocent children will die and therefore has created that situation as he knows about it and therefore condones it? You must have a splinter the size of a cross up your rear end sitting on that fence my friend but I have known that from your very first response.

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Maintained is the illogical superstition that life is a purposeless accident regardless of the evidence.

  28. Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

    And is god so weak he “needed a sacrifice”? What sort of lunatic do you worship and pay blind supplication to?

    • anonymous April 5, 2017

      Obviously and contrarily the sacrifice by Jeshua is recognized as a sign of strength and not weakness by God’s people

  29. Paul McCabe April 5, 2017

    As a sign off from this mad world inhabited by the cyborg I can only say this…Debora, in the few conversations we had, it was enjoyable and human, I could imagine sitting having a coffee or a beer and discussing our differing ideas. Unfortunately the same could not be said for my other adversary who has, forgive my language, bored the arse off me with his repetitive, avoidant inhuman jargon. I hope you both find solace and hope in your lives and end up in heaven but Debora, a word of advice, eternity sitting next to anonymous would be hell. Be careful about where you choose to sit near the right hand of god. I’ll be in the ground living it up by comparison! Bye!!!!!!!

    • anonymous April 7, 2017

      The materialist alternate creation proposition is an insane impossibility while design is the only scientific fact there is, easily proven and not an idea.

    • It was really nice talking to you too paul. I hope God will somehow help you understand everything. I know how you feel cause the questions you’re asking now, I used to ask them until few months ago and noone was able to answer my questions. You can only come to an understanding by praying and asking God himself. Good luck with the rest of life. Bye!!

  30. Paul McCabe April 7, 2017

    The only insanity here my friend is lurking within your frontal lobes. As one might say in merry old England, ta ta for now, keep calm and continue with the drivel. And it galls me as an Irishman that I have resorted to the old enemy’s turn of phrase to highlight your penchant for nonsense, avoidance and self deception. But hey, there’s a beer heading my way so enjoy your self imposed intellectual penury and delusion. Maintained is this adversary’s hope for your computerised cut and paste well being, as you might tediously recite…again.

  31. Paul McCabe April 8, 2017

    To anonymous…. Despite the fact that I disagree entirely with you on many levels, I have no right to be so disparaging in my comments. I hope I have not offended you though I fear that I may have done that. Sometimes just being a smartass comes only too naturally to me. Good luck with your life and beliefs which may differ incredibly from mine but I have no right to attack you for them. Apologies, even if it is from a moralistic perspective rather than religiously induced. Take care. And sorry for being so cruel.

    • Deborah is a holy name and I echo her wishes and extend the blessing that may you discover life is not an accident
      Shalom Paul.

    • Hey paul i have a question for you. Do you believe humans posess a spirit?

  32. I’m assuming this page is self-deprecating humour. It can’t be serious. These are some of the stupidest questions I’ve ever seen.

  33. I understand wanting to have your religious beliefs, sometimes they can be a great comfort. However, there is no excuse to be ‘this’ ignorant of science, especially if you mean to go after it, you should at least have SOME idea about evolution and abiogenesis.

    • anonymous June 9, 2017

      Actually it is the other way around since materialism is just a superstition, while there is no excuse to disregard the scientific evidence for Design.

  34. I REALLY hope this is stire, or a poe. If not, to whoever put this together, please never reproduce.

  35. Dear Christians. Eat shit and die. Amen.

  36. Anonymous July 2, 2017

    They are clearly makin’ fun of themselves. Haha
    LMFAO I can’t stop laughin’ at this.
    This makes you believe the maker is atheist.

    • anonymous July 6, 2017

      2 PETER 3 1-13
      Know this first of all, that in the last days
      mockers will come with their mocking,
      following after their own lusts,and saying
      “Where is the promise of His coming”?

    • What the....? August 6, 2017

      I know right? Like, what the shit was that cat-shark thing? Was that supposed too be a catfish? Believers do realise that they’re not literally a cat crossed with a fish right? Also, to the other anonymous at what point does your religion become any more real than tales of Odin, Zeus or Anubis?

    • What the....? August 6, 2017

      According to your religion if Hitler repented his sins in prayer then he would have gone to heaven and his Jewish Holocaust victims would have gone to hell. Explain why please? If you’re going to say God bless you then may the force be with you and finally if you want atheists to disappear why don’t you go pray for us? Go on. Observe the nothing that happens.

    • Perpetuated references to false idols such as Zeus etc are just more excuses by the anti theist to reject the existence of God and the evidence for design.

    • REVELATION 20 12
      And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged out of the things written in the books, according to their works.

  37. a b newflower July 2, 2017

    Truly the dumbest stuff I have ever seen. Proof of the fact that atheists are smarter than theists right here.

    • anonymous July 4, 2017

      Truly it requires a special skill to accept materialist manipulation and reject the evidence for design.

  38. Dale Davidson July 3, 2017

    I don’t generally spend time arguing about such things. It is a waste of time. But if I were to amuse myself I would ask, “Who is it who made the rule that there “must” be a creator? and, Who created the Creator? He/She /It “must” have been created by some agency, or evolved himself. Also I could also say that the earth and life developed over time by following the laws of physics. Said laws are not put in place be a divine mind, but are intrinsic in the universe. When I say I am an Atheist what I imply is that I have never found evidence of a divine being that created everything, or anything. But, I have seen legions of Liars, Crooks, and Thieves claiming to speak for God. Science is about not jumping to conclusions, but investigating and exploring the mystery of existence, and continually broadening our knowledge.The problem I have with religion is the basic claim to know everything and cutting all to fit whatever narrow framework that our religion tells us to believe. If our study of the universe through science led to the discovery of a supreme being I have no problem with that, but to base my belief on pure blind faith is in my opinion stupid.
    I believe that if there is a God, who is all seeing, all knowing, whose will maintains creation, (Which would include Hell) He is responsible for Hell and the (supposed) suffering that goes on there. Lucifer is just the manager. Keep in mind that only 144,000 are going to heaven. Our odds winning the lottery are better than our odds of getting into heaven. The rest of us are going to hell, according to the bible. So it is God’s will that the vast majority of humanity spend eternity in a very unpleasant place. But don’t worry, you and yours are definitely going to win the heaven lottery.

    • anonymous July 7, 2017

      Materialism is a pagan superstition with the specific purpose to provide an excuse for rejection of God”s existence

  39. We evolved from homo erectus ectc… U all are fools bloody.. Monkeys and we are evolded diffrently. First learn the science.. Nad old fossile are found it means that was real have u ever seen god u fool so how can u say that they exist have u ever seen adam u fool… Even we have a clue ..that say something about evolution.and againn u bloody human evolved from primates homoercectus ot monkeys
    Its ike dog lions wolfus a cat family it dosnt mean thatcat cam from a lion or tiger…..

    • anonymous July 10, 2017

      It is not a coincidence that the materialist pagan superstition directly opposes Scripture
      because of the necessity to diminish the earth and humanity to insignificance in order
      to promote the assertion for a Godless universe

    • Hey you stupid atheist, show me a chemical combination that can create a RNA,DNA and living things

  40. Really? A chemical reaction to make DNA? And where exactly,may I ask, does it say in the bible: HoW TOo MAkE DnA?
    I can only hope that this illness will subside,and you can see that evolution is not the devil.

    • The anti theist superstition and perpetual hallucination that life is an accident is uniquely the highest degree of irrationality and relying on “hope” to maintain this state only reinforces the contradiction.

    • Although apparently unbeknownst to the materialist opposition It is axiomatic that the exquisite and complex design of DNA corroborates scriptural literal truth.

  41. It is 2014 because idiot christians decided to bace the very calendar on the birth date of the star of their freak show, Jeeesuuuus Chriiiist. Then they misunderstood their own calendar and said that Jesus was born the same day god created light (according to them.)

  42. Well its 2014 (now currently 2017) years A.D. Meaning that it was AFTER Christ is believed to have been born.

  43. This debate is over in one fell swoop. Atheists are actively promoting the removal of the Ten Commandments given to Moses in the Old Testament. They advocate for murder and theft and other fundamentally important laws that keep society stable. Who in their right mind has anything against “You shall not murder”? Oh, that’s right, atheists. Even Muslims don’t contest the Commandments.

    • Let me stop you right there. As an atheist, all I believe is that there is not a god. I DO believe that our morals are inherently derived from solely our own judgement. If you believe in the death penalty, you believe that it is the right course of action, which is murder. However, I do not believe in the death penalty or that people should just kill each other out of spite, so please do not assume that we do believe that just because we are not theists. And what atheists are promoting the removal of the ten commandments? They don’t even believe in them, so it would not make sense to remove them.

    • The statement morals are inherently derived from a materialist anti theist perspective is illogical and a contradiction

  44. These ten arguments could easily be disproven by my 15 year old son.

    • Materialist superstition indoctrination can occur during adolescence

    • The term disprove adequately applies to factual evidence and not materialist superstitious

  45. Your very arguments are proof of your stupidity;The most vile form of evil was mans creation of a god.Something can come from nothing your scale is just very small.You can put 200lbs. on a 10 lb. capacity scale and the scale will say 10lbs.That is the moronic brain that came up with your CRAZY questions on your god.

    • The claim that vile evil atheists “created a god” is just an excuse and selecting the date of December 25 is obviously a rebellious contemptuous act.

  46. Ian the Great January 20, 2018

    Wow these have to be the dumbest questions ever. So you are saying some mythical shit just made us up and put us on earth? You’re saying that this mythical shit wrote some random fairy tale to try to make people believe in nonesense? It is pretty well proven that evolution exists. oh, and by the way, humans didn’t just appear, atoms have formed us. so whoever decided to write these questions is downright stupid. whatever, go ahead and believe in all this crap and good luck winding up in this made up place called, “heaven”

    • Definitely it is “proven” in lieu of support for the materialist superstition that anti theist crude dramatic tirades are effectively repulsive

  47. Josie Kalbfleish February 27, 2018

    Ugh, I don’t believe god made the earth, and don’t believe in what the bible says, it hates LGBTQ+ so GOODNIGHT

  48. Glenn Hooper April 3, 2018

    1) Because some of those monkeys didn’t need to evolve because they were suited to their environment. That’s what the purpose of evolution is: To make an animal better suited to its environment. Some of those monkeys were already suited to their environment and therefore didn’t need to evolve, which is why we still have monkeys today. Simple.
    2) No human has ever seen a mountain form, as we only live for a few decades, which isn’t long enough to see these slow changes in progress. We haven’t seen it, but we still know that it happened.
    3) No, we don’t. That’s not how evolution works. Animals only evolve by changing to better suit their environment. An animal changing like what you showed in the image wouldn’t help it survive at all, and that’s why we’ve never seen such creatures.
    4) Because the chemicals and ingredients have been processed and refined in such a way that makes it impossible for life to come from it.
    5) The universe is 4.54 billion years old. The Mayans lived over four thousand years ago, 2000BC and Ancient Egypt was around 3,150BC, over 5100 years ago…
    6) Zero. Abiogenesis doesn’t just happen by throwing something into the air. If I throw a female virgin into the air, what are the chances that she’ll drop in the form of a pregnant woman?
    7) Yeah, because humans have been selectively designing and breeding the banana to be that way.
    8) No, there wasn’t nothing, there was something, that’s why it exploded.
    9) No, we don’t. That’s not how evolution works. Animals only evolve by changing to better suit their environment. An animal changing like what you showed in the image wouldn’t help it survive at all, and that’s why we’ve never seen such creatures.
    10) Monkeys don’t give birth to humans. And even if they did, it’s not as if only one monkey evolves at a time. Several monkeys, depending on their surrounding environment, would have evolved at the same time and at the same speed, making it possible for them to mate with each other.

    • anonymous April 7, 2018

      Only a materialist superstition could solicit that there is no reason or purpose for existence whereby organisms are just soulless self-created mutants that exist by accident with a future headed only towards total extinction and then to add to the absurdity gain acceptance or approval.

    • anonymous April 7, 2018

      The very definition of materialism is the rejection of evidence for Design.

  49. Anthony Taylor April 19, 2018


    1. “We” didn’t come from monkeys. (Well, *I* didn’t….)

    2. No.

    3. No.

    4. As I’m not a microbiologist, I couldn’t say if there was or wasn’t.

    5. I’m not dignifying this with any kind of answer. Read a ****** book.

    6. As I’m not a mathematician, I couldn’t say.

    7.What makes you think this constitutes a question?

    8.As I’m not a cosmologist, I can’t say.

    9. No.

    !0. Anyone that fancies him, I suppose.

    Wow, you really got me on these ones. I’m converted. Nice job.

    • 1 TIMOTHY 6.20
      The endorsement that creation is due to a mysterious unnatural process involving billions of accidental mistakes may be captivating however it does not support the evidence which demonstrates exactly the opposite is true

  50. I’m lucky I’m Shiva, now after reading this, I can facepalm with all of my 4 arms.

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