The Only Forgiveness I Need


What do you need forgiveness for, my child? Student loans.


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  1. Makes sense. As there is no god sins are only imaginary.

  2. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have lied to my family and friends
    telling them I have always voted Republican. The truth is I am a closet
    Democrat. I love the benefits they lavish upon the population, also they have
    a lack of despicable politicians the Republicans always attract.

    • Freebies. Gibs that.

    • Father Herman Ity January 27, 2023

      You have done well, my daughter. Republicans are of the devil and you have proven to be a true Christian as you have chosen the way of love and tolerance instead that of the foul beast and it’s souless conservative minions.
      Ego te absolvo.

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