When Someone Complains About Their Student Debt…


What I think when someone complains about their student debt or car loan...


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  1. Memed the guy who never had to work for his inherited money.

    • Yeah, because taking out loans is the only way to get an education or a vehicle.

  2. Mightytall March 21, 2019

    Yes, there is scholarship programs and such, but I find school fees are a huge deterrent for low income families to get their kids a better education than they had.
    And they are leading to students, who might otherwise be able to finish in standard semesters count, to have to work and get the minimum of credits each semester and likely still rack up crippling debt and take much longer for their degree.
    And then, if education was free, you could much easier walk away if you find a certain profession isn’t yours.

    Schools should be paid through tax money because the entire economy benefits from well educated people.
    Maybe gender studies and auch should not be free though lol

    • Education is NEVER free.

    • It is in many parts of the world. And people there are much better educated than in 3. world country USA.

    • No, education is not free anywhere. Someone pays for it through taxes somehow, somewhere unless the teachers do not receive pay and the buildings, utilities, supplies and land are donated. I’ve never heard of anywhere that the latter happens on a full time basis.

    • Taxes are the best way to finance education. The system works. Americans should learn to pay taxes. United States of Egoists.

  3. The “babies” are happy to pay it back. They cry because they were fooled into thinking they could. They were lied to.

  4. In England we have to pay for our further education but we also pay extra so that Scotland can have free further education. We pay through the nose to support out selves and them. Its a weird situation.

    • @Confused: Maybe you should have let them keep their independence… Just sayin’.

    • if scotland truly wanted independence they would have let the english vote in their referendum

    • Hahaha, I like the Scots. Conquered but somewhat undefeated.

    • You may pay for their further education but you WILL NEVER TAKE THEIR FREEDOM!!!

      (Well, okay. So you did. Both of those.)

  5. I have known a couple of different people that graduated with no debt, and no family to pay for it. How did they do it, you ask? They didn’t expect everything to be handed to them. They WORKED for it; they EARNED it. They held two or three part time jobs during the school year, then a full time plus part time in the summer. It can be done, if you really want it.

    I am also willing the bet that the vast majority of those graduating with six figures in loans never worked a day in their lives until they graduated.

    • Fake story. Dealing drugs is NOT a job.

    • Amen. I did the whole 3 jobs thing…made it out with minimum remaining school debt. A small sacrifice that everyone should embrace as part of growing up and becoming an adult.

    • Prostitution is illegal in some states. So, this is not a 3 jobs option for all.

    • When did they do their schooling? I just went and checked the total costs for one of my local universities, and the lowest all-inclusive cost is about $25,000 per year. Not too many people are going to be able to find a job that will cover that while still making available enough time to actually go to class and to study.

  6. I am from a country where you pay for university only if you are dumb. I was not. Did not pay a single cent for it

    • Because you dropped out of elementary school. We know the story.

  7. Everybody should have to pay for education. So my father paid for mine.

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