When Someone Complains About Their Student Debt…



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  1. You can default on normal loans but not student loans.

  2. The Lone Wonderer October 1, 2014

    Here in the Netherlands, exactly the same. New system where if you as a student take too long completing your education have to pay back (or something like that). Lots of “booo” and stuff. Seems only fair to me.

  3. Yeah, complaining about a car loan is cry baby stuff, but there’s reason to be pissed about having to pay for education. Why would the country choose an ignorant population over an educated one?

    • So I guess professors work for free in your country.

    • I’m not sure you understand. He is saying the government should spare no expense to make sure people get a good education. This means a viable, practical alternative to private education. A good education is the best thing a society can do to improve productivity, drive innovation, reduce corruption, increase equality, reduce crime, increase longevity, and so on and so on. All of those things reduce cost in other areas. It’s why the most prosperous nations always have the best education systems and why the US’s mind blowing massive student debt is starting to cripple the country (and the effects are only ramping up over time as it continues).
      TLDR; he is saying that the students should get free/cheap, good education, not that the teachers should work for free.

    • LogiC, I guess you will get some anti-communist propaganda for that. In 3, 2, 1…

    • Hard Truths October 3, 2014

      “Higher” education is highly overrated, especially when it has little to do today with actually preparing students for careers and far more to do with indoctrinating their political philosophy. Today’s society is already glutted with liberal arts graduates who have virtually zero practical skills. THIS is the real threat to the future, not the tragedy of Johnny Fratparty and Susie Genderstudies having to actually repay the money they promised to. So yes, boo-freaking-hoo, welcome to the real world.

  4. The problem is that lots of students were raised by their parents to believe in education, no matter what the cost. Now, they are learning that the cost matters, and that their parents were wrong.

  5. Frank Einstein October 2, 2014

    In the US, college should be free for all law-abiding, tax-paying Americans.
    The problem with people crying about student debt, credit card debt, etc., is that you know going into it that these companies are crooked. They’ll screw their “valued customers” just for the fun of it.

  6. well, when you have paid back thrice the initial price but are still in debt… you’ll understand why they cry…
    being raped by the governement is never fun.

    • You obviously have no understanding about how education loans work in America. The government has nothing to do with it. Either you don’t have a college education, or you’re not in the US.

  7. Cultures that don’t invest in education inevitably suffer decline. I wonder who the author of this wishes to be enslaved to?

  8. What, that overpriced degree in _________-studies from that ivy-league school didn’t get you a high paying job??? I’m shocked! It must be the fault of society…

  9. There’s a lot of projection here in the comments (assuming a lot if it is coming from people who didn’t go to college or who went when it was cheaper).
    Not everyone who goes to college is a clueless frat boy. Not everyone who goes to college will get a job that can support the level of expense currently required to go to college. We commonly tell our (brains still developing) 18 year-olds “college is good” and that it’s the path to a better life. And, statistically, it is. Unfortunately, we also tell them “follow your dreams!” and “hard work will lead to good outcomes in America!” It’s not that simple.
    Education is critical for our country to remain strong.
    Our student loan system needs to change — in order to prevent rampant default, the government instituted stringent restrictions which produced a moral hazard that universities have exploited to grow in ways that have little to do with education, research, etc. (see Matt Taibbi’s classic article).
    And, rather than flushing a generation of poorly informed young people down the drain, we need some kind of a reset. Punishing them for a combination of poor judgement and pursuing a rigged system isn’t going to serve any purpose other than allowing moralizers to feel righteously justified (which they probably get plenty of from other sources).

  10. To “Hard Truths”. Conservatives have been spewing this for the last 15 or 20 years. The truth is a liberal education prepares you for most jobs. You go through four years of education for a specific job and graduate to find those jobs gone. Conservatives don’t like liberal education. They don’t like people with an open mind, open to other ideas, other cultures, philosophy, music, art, etc. They think that’s impractical. They think liberal professors are influencing young minds. They don’t realize that young people are, by nature, idealistic. Young conservatives are brainwashed to be conservative just like young children have to be taught to hate.

  11. Trotsky's Sister October 4, 2014

    Every time you default on a state loan payment it’s like you kill my poor brother a little bit more.

  12. The only problem I have with student loans is the inflated interest. It’s price gouging at its worst. They should have a firm cap on how much interest they can charge. But they’re too greedy to do that. When they see a prospective student they don’t see someone trying to gain an education to prepare them for the rest of their life, all they see is money, money, money. They’d figure out a way to squeeze blood from a turnip if it would get them a few more bucks.

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