Stock Images Photobombed to Inject Some Reality Into Them


For years as an art director in advertising, Matthew shifted through hundreds of stock photos and always felt like there was something off about them. Real people were doing real things we all do, but in the end it didn’t look real. One day he decided to start adding some reality into these photos, so he injected himself by photobombing the crap out of these silly stock images.


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  1. Weird, but mildly funny.

  2. Weird, but not funny at all.

  3. Mr. Truffles January 25, 2015

    The problem with most stock photos is that they look sterile.

  4. E.A. Presley January 25, 2015

    The pictures were off by little at first, but now… :D

  5. PastaFarrakhan January 25, 2015

    … And a whole facebook page devoted to the same lame idea.

  6. Is that the Landlord?

  7. I love it, It made me giggle a lot

  8. Hilarious!

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